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Welcome to the FAQ!

We all know the Pokemon series. These two new games are new additions to the Pokemon Gaming series. That's what this FAQ is about. Now, you are a young inhabitant of a new city, you are trying to be a pokemon trainer. Team Magma/Aqua is trying to turn the world into a dry/flooded place. You have to become a pokemon trainer, and stop the evil plot of Team Aqua/Magma.

I would also like to mention that this is mainly for Ruby, so there may be a few differences if you are playing Sapphire.

Pokemon Basics

Gym Leaders


She uses a lv14 Geodude and a lv15 Nosepass.

Just use a water pokemon. See if you can get a decent water attack to use against them. I HIGHLY recommend that you do not use anything but water/grass moves.

You get Rock Tomb as a prize.


He uses a lv17 Machop and a lv18 Makuhita.

Get a psychic pokemon if you can. If not, just use your strongest pokemon to beat down these two fighters.

You get Bulk Up as a prize.


He uses a lv22 Magnemite, a lv20 Voltorb, and a lv23 Magneton.

Get a good ground pokemon. Why? Electric can't harm ground! Teach that pokemon Earthquake, and the badge will be yours.

You get Shock Wave as a prize.


She uses two lv26 Slugmas and a lv28 Torkoal.

Just get a water pokemon, teach it a powerful water move, and win. Watch out for Torkoal when she's low in health, though, she will use flail and pretty much kill your pokemon instantly.

You get Overheat as a prize.


He uses a lv28 Slaking, a lv31 Slaking, and a lv30 Vigoroth.

He will use normal type Pokemon, they are basic, and fairly strong. Their only weakness is Fighting Attacks. Get yourself a Pokemon that knows fighting style moves, then make sure it stays alive.

You get Facade as a prize.


She uses a lv31 Swellow, lv30 Pelipper, lv32 Skarmory, and a lv33 Altaria

This gym is based on the Flying Type Pokemon, lead off the battles with a Ice or Lightning Type and you will be fine.

You get Aerial Ace as a prize.

Tate and Liza

They use a lv42 Lunatone and a lv42 Solroc

This gym is mostly Psychic, just use powerful attack moves. Fight smart and this will be fairly easy.

You get Calm Mind as a prize.


He uses a lv40 Luvdisc, a lv42 Whicash, a lv40 Sealeo, a lv42 Seaking, lv43 Milotic.

This gym is best suited for electric type attacks, if there are no electric attacks available, otherwise just use your most powerful attacks.

You get Water Pulse as a prize.

Pokemon Contests

A new addition to the Pokemon series, we now have Pokemon contests. These are located in...

Verdanturf town Fallabor town Slateport city Lilycove city

You have to do the contests in Verdanturf, then Fallabor, then Slateport, then Lilycove.

The basic rules for Pokemon Contests are as follows...

-There are four other Pokemon contestants.

-You first have to show your Pokemon and let people vote if they like it.

-There are five rounds of appeal time, where you can show off your Pokemon's moves.

-If you repeat an appeal, you lose 2 points.

-There are some move combinations that earn extra points (Ex. Sunny Day, Ember)

-If you perform a move that corresponds with the contest (Ex. Doing a Cool move in a Cool Contest), you get an extra point and fill the Applause meter. If you are the one to finally fill it completely, you het TONS of points.

-Every move has an effect, like lowering points, preventing loss of points, etc.

Now, here are some basic pointers.

-ALWAYS make some Pokeblocks and feed them to your pokemon. For more info on this subject, check out the other FAQs.

-NEVER try to learn a new move just for a contest. What's good in a contest may screw you over in battling. (Ex. Growl)

-Try to enter a contest where your Pokemon has at least 2 moves corresponding with the contest type. This way, you can get the bonus for filling the bar.

-If you can, hope you can get a move that lowers other people's points. Why? So you can smash a person's points. If you need a Pokeblock case, a little girl in Slateport has an extra one)

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