Wattson is the Electric-Type Gym Leader for the Hoenn region. His Gym is located in Mauville City. He will give all of the people that defeat him the Dynamo Badge.


I've given up on my plans to convert the city, I have. And so, I put my time into making door traps in my Gym. Oh? Now, what are you doing here? What's that? You say you've gotten past all my rigged doors? Wahahahah! Now, that is amusing! Then, I, Wattson, the Leader of Mauville Gym, shall electrify you!
Wahahahah! Fine, I lost! You ended up giving me a thrill! Take this Badge!
I swell with optimism, seeing a promising young Trainer like you!
Ah-ha! Here at last! I know what you want. You want to battle my Pokémon! Wahahahaha! I'll make sparks fly from you! Don't say I didn't warn you!
Oof... Our batteries ran dry...
We'll have to recharge our batteries again. When we're fully charged up, we'll gladly accept your challenge. So, come back again sometime, won't you?

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