What Lies Beyond Truth And Ideals!

BW 122
What Lies Beyond Truth And Ideals! is the 122nd episode of the Best Wishes series and it concludes the N and Team Plasma arc.



Continuing from the previous episode, the Light Stone suspends into the air and Ghetsis is following through with the awakening ceremony, while everyone watches in horror. Suddenly, a fog appears and a Psybeam and Magical Leaf appears towards N. The attack manages to free N from his restraints. Noticing that, Iris asks Axew to try and release her from the restraints as well. It's revealed to be Anthea and Concordia with their Gothitelle and Gardevoir respectively. The two woman asks N to rejoin them so they can leave, but N refuses, stating that he needs to prevent Reshiram from being reawakened, otherwise the tragedy of the past will reoccur.


Colress is ordered to use his device and aim it towards the source of the fog. He successfully controls Gothitelle and Gardevoir and they are ordered to attack Anthea and Concordia. Moments later, Ghetsis completes the ceremony and the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram finally awakens, which shocks everyone.

Meanwhile, Iris is successfully freed from her restraints by Axew and the Pokémon begins to free Cilan.

N approaches Reshiram, but becomes startled after seeing that the Legendary Pokémon is filled with anger. Ghetsis introduces himself to Reshiram, stating that he was looking forward to his return. Reshiram lets out a loud roar, which doesn't surprise Team Plasma's leader. Ghetsis mentions that Reshiram will be used as his weapon and signals Colress to launch the laser from his mind control device. Moments later, Reshiram becomes completely under Team Plasma's control, to everyone's surprise.

Ghetsis immediately orders Reshiram to attack everyone in the area, and the Pokémon launches Fusion Flare. Reshiram's attack doesn't strike anyone directly, giving everyone the opportunity to move a safe distance away from him. The Legendary Pokémon launches another Fusion Flare which resulted in the destruction of the nearby structures, as well as the people and Pokémon getting knocked back due to the strong winds. Ghetsis shows no concern of his team getting caught in Reshiram's attack and appears to be only interested in the Legendary Pokémon's power. Colress states that there's still more potential in Reshiram and commands it to use another Fusion Flare, which leads to more destruction.

Ash, Iris and Cilan are shown to be unharmed. Professor Cedric Juniper, who's still in restraints, tells them that they should battle Team Plasma and the trio agrees. Cilan calls out Crustle to release the professor from the restraints. Ash mentions that he needs to rescue all of the Pokémon under Team Plasma's control and Pikachu agrees. N appears nearby along with Anthea and Concordia, all of them also appearing unharmed.

Ash and Pikachu surrounded by Liepard

Suddenly, a herd of Liepard appears before them and Ash commands Pikachu to launch a Thunderbolt, which they all dodged. Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket wants to stop Ghetsis as well and plan to steal Colress' mind control device. Looker suddenly appears before Team Rocket and asks them to help stop the Team Plasma organization. After giving it some thought, Jessie, James, and Meowth agrees to help.

Colress is ordered to aim his device at Pikachu, but Ash steps in front of Pikachu, mentioning that he won't allow Pikachu to be controlled a third time. Colress continues to aim the device at the electric Pokemon, but Meowth also gets in the way. Meowth attacks all of the Liepard and one of the Team Plasma members, clearing the path for Ash. Ash asks where's Jessie and James, when he suddenly sees them working together with Looker. Meowth states that they are trying to destroy the device.

Ash suggests that he'll be the one to lure Team Plasma away. He orders Pikachu to stay behind, otherwise the Electric-Type Pokémon risks getting caught under Team Plasma's control. N asks how Ash plans to stop them and the control device when they are surrounded by many Pokémon who are under Team Plasma's control. Ash states that he must force his way in and starts running towards the mind control device. Jessie and James run behind Ash, assisting him whenever he's needed.

The Pokémon surrounds Ash, causing Pikachu to worry and rush towards Ash, preparing to use a Quick Attack. Colress takes the opportunity to prepare the device on Pikachu, but the Electric-Type Pokémon has proven to be too quick for Colress to properly aim. Meanwhile, Ash is avoiding the attacks that the Golurk is launching towards him, where suddenly a Dragon Rage appears, and it's shown that it was launched by Iris' Axew. Iris tells Ash to leave the area to her, while he continues onward to the control device. Suddenly, a group of Timburr and Conkeldurr starts to approach Ash and Iris, but Jessie and James' Woobat and Yamask launched an Air Cutter and Shadow Ball respectively, protecting them.

Ash and Reshiram

Ash and Pikachu proceed to the device, but Ghetsis orders Reshiram to stop him. Reshiram quickly approaches Ash, preventing him from getting any further. Ash commands Pikachu to use an Electro Ball towards the device, but as Pikachu launches the attack, Colress successfully strikes Pikachu with the laser emitting from the device once again.

Although Pikachu is caught under Colress' control again, he's showing some signs of resistance and starts to head towards the device and Reshiram, which startles Colress. Pikachu proceeds to launch a Thunderbolt, striking Reshiram directly. N states that he can hear Reshiram's voice and that his consciousness has returned. Cilan mentions that the Legendary Pokémon is using Pikachu's Thunderbolt to escape from the control of Colress' device. Ghetsis orders Colress to keep Pikachu under Team Plasma's control and the doctor decides to emit a more powerful laser towards the Electric-Type Pokémon, but Pikachu is still showing some resistance. Ash takes the opportunity to command Pikachu to use Electro Ball to destroy the device, while Reshiram assists him by launching a Fusion Flare. Both attacks destroy device, fully freeing Pikachu and Reshiram from their control.


Colress appears greatly disappointed and wonders how any Pokémon was able to resist his mind control device. N states that nothing is stronger than the bonds between Ash and his Pokémon. Reshiram lets out a loud roar and N states that the Pokémon is filled with tons of rage. Colress remarks that Reshiram is much more powerful than when it was under his control, to his surprise. Reshiram launches a Blue Flare out of anger, destroying more of the nearby structures. Ash and N calls out for Reshiram to calm down. N mentions how people aren't his enemies that they can co-exist with Pokémon in the world.

Reshiram finally relaxes, leading Ghetsis to call out that the Legendary Pokémon's behavior is unacceptable. The Team Plasma members try to hold Ghetsis back, as they plan to retreat. Looker mentions to everyone else to not let Team Plasma escape. Ash calls out Krookodile to use Stone Edge, Cilan calls out Crustle to use Rock Slide, and Iris calls out Dragonite to use Ice Beam. All 3 attacks managed to keep all of Team Plasma restrained.

Meanwhile Reshiram prepares to leave the area, but N calls him one last time. N mentions that he can still sense his anger. He wants to know how Reshiram felt when he witnessed people and Pokémon battling Team Plasma's evil organization. N appears pleased, mentioning that maybe Reshiram can share the belief that people and Pokémon can co-exist and that N will continue to fight for that ideal world. Reshiram lets out one last roar and sets off into the skies.

Iris asks N of Reshiram's reply when he asked him a question. N wonders how he would explain it, but Ash interrupts, stating that N doesn't have to answer, as Ash wants to ask Reshiram for himself if he meets the Legendary Pokémon again.

N mentions to Anthea and Concordia that they have witnessed so much from outside of the fog and asks them to travel with him to seek that ideal world and work on making it a reality, and they agree.

Team Plasma are arrested and Colress still appears confused on how any Pokemon can resist his device. Suddenly, he comes with the idea to create a device that will allow people to communicate with their Pokémon. Moments later, Looker who expresses his gratitude towards Ash, and the rest of the International Police takes the Team Plasma members away.

One of Professor Cedric Juniper's assistants states that they discovered more ruins and that he asks to receive support from the Professor, which he agrees. The Professor says goodbye to Ash and the group, and he sets off to the new ruins.

Jessie, James, and Meowth set off, feeling excited that they assisted in the disbandment of Team Plasma.

The episode ends with Ash, Iris, and Cilan saying goodbye to N, Anthea, and Concordia, who agreed to work towards their ideal world.

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