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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority Class

Will-O-Wisp is a Fire-Type move introduced in Generation III. A bluish-white flame is fired by the user with the intention of inflicting a Burn. This is the only Fire-Type move that is a Status attack, and it leaves its target with a Burn if it hits.

From the move's debut in Generation III up to Generation V, Will-O-Wisp had an Accuracy of 75%. This was updated to 85% in Generation VI.

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Level-Up

Level Pokémon
26 Vulpix
13 Shuppet
13 Banette
33 Duskull
33 Dusclops
33 Dusknoir
21 Yamask
21 Cofagrigus
16 Litwick
16 Lampent
38 Fennekin
45 Braixen
47 Delphox
31 Phantump
31 Trevenant

Pokémon that Learn this Move via TM61

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Sketch

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