Wondermail (PMD; B/RRT)

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Wondermail can be obtained in three ways 1. Get it in the mail from Pelipper , 2. Go to the bulliten board and select it , 3. Type in the wondercode at the start screen.

Wondermail is the main way to save pokemon stuck in dungeons, and you can also save friends with wondermail. Wondermail has many ranks ranging from E, or easiest, to *, or hardest. The harder wondermails can give you up to 1500 levels for your team rank, and the easier ones can give you just 5. Each one even has an item reward, and special ones can even give you two or three items, or a surprise item. Poke can also be a reward mostly 2000poke is the most you can get, but some that only give you poke can give you 3000poke.

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