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55 JPN
59 ENG
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126 JPN
146 ENG
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XY (コレクションX and コレクションY) is the first set of Generation VI trading cards in the official Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released in Japan on December 13, 2013 and February 5, 2014 in many English-speaking parts of the world. XY includes two new theme decks, and a few changes to the Trading Card Game.

What's New in the TCG

XY is the first set to feature new features that were also introduced in the Generation VI games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. This includes the Fairy-Type, which also includes Fairy-Type energy for the first time in the series.

Second, Mega Evolution gets introduced to the Trading Card Game. After a Pokémon goes through a Mega Evolution, that player's turn ends immediately without getting a chance to attack, putting an emphasis on the timing of when (or if) to Mega Evolve a Pokémon that's in play.

Themed Decks


No. Name Type Rarity
1/146 Venusaur EX GrassTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
2/146 M Venusaur EX GrassTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
3/146 Weedle GrassTCG.png Common.png
4/146 Kakuna GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
5/146 Beedrill GrassTCG.png Rare.png
6/146 Ledyba GrassTCG.png Common.png
7/146 Ledian GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
8/146 Volbeat GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
9/146 Illumise GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
10/146 Pansage GrassTCG.png Common.png
11/146 Simisage GrassTCG.png Rare.png
12/146 Chespin GrassTCG.png Common.png
13/146 Quilladin GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
14/146 Chesnaught GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
15/146 Scatterbug GrassTCG.png Common.png
16/146 Spewpa GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
17/146 Vivillon GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
18/146 Skiddo GrassTCG.png Common.png
19/146 Gogoat GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
20/146 Slugma FireTCG.png Common.png
21/146 Magcargo FireTCG.png RareHolo.png
22/146 Pansear FireTCG.png Common.png
23/146 Simisear FireTCG.png Rare.png
24/146 Fennekin FireTCG.png Common.png
25/146 Braixen FireTCG.png Uncommon.png
26/146 Delphox FireTCG.png RareHolo.png
27/146 Fletchinder FireTCG.png Uncommon.png
28/146 Talonflame FireTCG.png RareHolo.png
29/146 Blastoise EX WaterTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
30/146 M Blastoise EX WaterTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
31/146 Shellder WaterTCG.png Common.png
32/146 Cloyster WaterTCG.png Rare.png
33/146 Staryu WaterTCG.png Common.png
34/146 Starmie WaterTCG.png Rare.png
35/146 Lapras WaterTCG.png RareHolo.png
36/146 Corsola WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
37/146 Panpour WaterTCG.png Common.png
38/146 Simipour WaterTCG.png Rare.png
39/146 Froakie WaterTCG.png Common.png
40/146 Frogadier WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
41/146 Greninja WaterTCG.png RareHolo.png
42/146 Pikachu LightningTCG.png Common.png
43/146 Raichu LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
44/146 Voltorb LightningTCG.png Common.png
45/146 Electrode LightningTCG.png Uncommon.png
46/146 Emolga EX LightningTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
47/146 Ekans PsychicTCG.png Common.png
48/146 Arbok PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
49/146 Spoink PsychicTCG.png Common.png
50/146 Grumpig PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
51/146 Venipede PsychicTCG.png Common.png
52/146 Whirlipede PsychicTCG.png Uncommon.png
53/146 Scolipede PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
54/146 Phantump PsychicTCG.png Common.png
55/146 Trevenant PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
56/146 Pumpkaboo PsychicTCG.png Common.png
57/146 Gourgeist PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
58/146 Diglett FightingTCG.png Common.png
59/146 Dugtrio FightingTCG.png Rare.png
60/146 Rhyhorn FightingTCG.png Common.png
61/146 Rhydon FightingTCG.png Rare.png
62/146 Rhyperior FightingTCG.png RareHolo.png
63/146 Lunatone FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
64/146 Solrock FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
65/146 Timburr FightingTCG.png Common.png
66/146 Gurdurr FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
67/146 Conkeldurr FightingTCG.png Rare.png
68/146 Sableye DarkTCG.png Uncommon.png
69/146 Sandile DarkTCG.png Common.png
70/146 Krokorok DarkTCG.png Uncommon.png
71/146 Krookodile DarkTCG.png Rare.png
72/146 Zorua DarkTCG.png Common.png
73/146 Zoroark DarkTCG.png RareHolo.png
74/146 Inkay DarkTCG.png Uncommon.png
75/146 Inkay DarkTCG.png Common.png
76/146 Malamar DarkTCG.png Rare.png
77/146 Malamar DarkTCG.png Rare.png
78/146 Yveltal DarkTCG.png Rare.png
79/146 Yveltal EX DarkTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
80/146 Skarmory EX SteelTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
81/146 Pawniard SteelTCG.png Common.png
82/146 Bisharp SteelTCG.png Rare.png
83/146 Honedge SteelTCG.png Common.png
84/146 Doublde SteelTCG.png Uncommon.png
85/146 Aegislash SteelTCG.png Rare.png
86/146 Aegislash SteelTCG.png RareHolo.png
87/146 Jigglypuff FairyTCG.png Common.png
88/146 Jigglypuff FairyTCG.png Common.png
89/146 Wigglytuff FairyTCG.png Rare.png
90/146 Wigglytuff FairyTCG.png Rare.png
91/146 Mr. Mime FairyTCG.png Uncommon.png
92/146 Spritzee FairyTCG.png Common.png
93/146 Aromatisse FairyTCG.png RareHolo.png
94/146 Swirlix FairyTCG.png Common.png
95/146 Slurpuff FairyTCG.png RareHolo.png
96/146 Xerneas FairyTCG.png Rare.png
97/146 Xerneas EX FairyTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
98/146 Doduo ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
99/146 Dodrio ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
100/146 Tauros ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
101/146 Dunsparce ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
102/146 Taillow ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
103/146 Swellow ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
104/146 Skitty ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
105/146 Delcatty ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
106/146 Bidoof ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
107/146 Bibarel ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
108/146 Lillipup ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
109/146 Herdier ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
110/146 Stoutland ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
111/146 Bunnelby ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
112/146 Diggersby ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
113/146 Fletchling ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
114/146 Furfrou ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
115/146 Cassius 15px Uncommon.png
116/146 Evosoda 15px Uncommon.png
117/146 Fairy Garden 15px Uncommon.png
118/146 Great Ball 15px Uncommon.png
119/146 Hard Charm 15px Uncommon.png
120/146 Max Revive 15px Uncommon.png
121/146 Muscle Band 15px Uncommon.png
122/146 Professor Sycamore 15px Uncommon.png
123/146 Professor's Letter 15px Uncommon.png
124/146 Red Card 15px Uncommon.png
125/146 Roller Skates 15px Uncommon.png
126/146 Shadow Circle 15px Uncommon.png
127/146 Shauna 15px Uncommon.png
128/146 Super Potion 15px Uncommon.png
129/146 Team Flare Grunt 15px Uncommon.png
130/146 Double Colorless Energy ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
131/146 Rainbow Energy ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
132/146 Grass Energy GrassTCG.png Common.png
133/146 Fire Energy FireTCG.png Common.png
134/146 Water Energy WaterTCG.png Common.png
135/146 Lightning Energy LightningTCG.png Common.png
136/146 Psychic Energy PsychicTCG.png Common.png
137/146 Fighting Energy FightingTCG.png Common.png
138/146 Darkness Energy DarkTCG.png Common.png
139/146 Metal Energy SteelTCG.png Common.png
140/146 Fairy Energy FairyTCG.png Common.png
141/146 Venusaur EX GrassTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
142/146 Blastoise EX WaterTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
143/146 Emolga EX LightningTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
144/146 Yveltal EX DarkTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
145/146 Skarmory EX SteelTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
146/146 Xerneas EX FairyTCG.png RareHoloEX.png
Expansion Pack
No. Name Type Rarity

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