Zapdos (Base Set)

ZapdosBase SetTCG.jpg
Base Set - 16/102
Base Set 2 - 20/130
Legendary Collection - 19/110
Evolution Stage Basic
Hit Points 90
Weakness None
Resistance FightingTCG.png - 30
Retreat Cost ColorlessTCG.pngColorlessTCG.pngColorlessTCG.png
Game Pack Colosseum (A24)
Game 2 Pack Beginning Pokémon (A31)

Zapdos is a Lightning Type Pokémon Trading Card that is featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This specific card is part of the Base Set. For other Zapdos Trading Cards, please see Zapdos (TCG).

[edit] Decks

These are the decks that the Base Set Zapdos appears in. No other versions of Zapdos can be found here.

[edit] Pokémon Trading Card Game

[edit] Video Games

[edit] Attacks

These are all of the attack(s) that Base Set Zapdos knows. It has two attacks - Thunder (かみなり) and Thunderbolt (10まんボルト). Both of these inflict major damage to the defending Pokémon

Flip a coin. If tails, Zapdos does 30 damage to itself.
Power 60
JPN Name かみなりThunder

Discard all Energy cards attached to Zapdos in order to use this attack.
Power 100
JPN Name 10まんボルト100,000 Volts

[edit] Pokédex Entry

Zapdos - Electric Pokémon
# Height Weight
145 5'3" 116 lbs
A legendary bird Pokémon said to appear from clouds while wielding emormous lightning bolts.
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