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A 3D model of the Pokéradar.

The Pokéradar is a device in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It is used to guarantee that a wild Pokémon will appear. It is given to you when you first visit the Pal Park along with the Pokétch application 20 by Professor Oak.


How it works

When you use it while in tall grass, a bell sound will play, and there will be numerous grass tiles shaking. Wild Pokémon are found in each one of them. When the wild Pokémon is defeated or caught, a chain will be started. If the same Pokémon appears over and over by stepping multiple times on a grass tile that shakes like the previous one, the chain will continue. This technique makes it easier to find shiny Pokémon by chaining them for a long time.

The Pokéradar can't be used while mounting your bicycle, however. Also, when the Pokéradar effect wears off(when going out of the area, or escaping from a wild Pokémon), you will have to recharge it by walking around for fifty steps. The Pokéradar will then be able to be used again.

Pokéradar-exclusive Pokémon

Pokéradar-exclusive Pokémon (Pokémon Platinum)

Heart Gold And Soul Silver

The Pokéwalker has a built-in Pokéradar. This is required to find wild Pokémon in it. The Pokémon is found in the grass patch that has a "!" above it. It can be a "!", a "!!" or a "!!!", depending on the rarity of the Pokémon that will appear in it. No shiny Pokémon will appear in this version of the Pokéradar, however.

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