Ash Ketchum

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Ash Ketchum
Ash - XY Series.png
Ash in the XY Series
Animé Debut
English Voice Actor
Veronica Taylor (season 1 - season 8)
Sarah Natochenny (season 9 - present)
Japanese Voice Actor
Rica Matsumoto

Ash Ketchum is the main character in the Pokémon Anime series. His last name Ketchum is a pun of the Original Motto of the series "Gotta Catch 'em All!" His first name Ash, may come from the series creator Satoshi. Ash's main Pokémon is the starter he obtained from Professor Oak in the first episode of the anime, Pikachu, who has appeared with Ash in every single episode and movie to date, excluding the special episodes in which Ash doesn't appear.

Ash has a wide selection of Pokémon available to him, as he has caught a number of wild Pokémon throughout the series and from every known region thus far. Though many of his Pokémon are kept with Professor Oak, Ash has experienced a few heart-breaking releases, but he doesn't let this get the better of him, and never stops at his aim to Catch 'em All and become a Pokemon Master.

It is widely assumed that Ash is based on Trainer Red, the regional champion in the first Pokémon games and their remakes, so much so that his Pokémon, when challenged on Mt. Silver, strongly match Ash's Pokémon from the anime.


In the Anime

Ash first appears as a young 10 year old boy from Pallet Town. His main goal, from the get-go, is to become a Pokémon Master. Ash talks, hears and dreams about Pokémon. He
Pallet Town
and Gary, who is also from Pallet Town, become quick rivals after Gary is cheered on by the entire town when picking his first Pokémon. Ash's mother is Delia Ketchum, who loves Ash and is sad to see him leave on his first Pokémon adventure - she constantly keeps up with Ash throughout the entire series, supporting him and sending him packages. Delia travels with Ash to the Unova region along with Professor Oak. Like Serena and Dawn, Ash is an only child and not much is known about his father or childhood, other than his love of Pokémon.

Ash is quick to react and sometimes too impulsive, but always has good intentions. Ash gets super-excited about defeating gym leaders and is shown training hard before each match. Ash also likes to challenge any worthy opponent and frequently accepts any challenge from other trainers, using them as important practice. Ash's strategy revolves usually not about catching the strongest Pokémon, but about forging close bonds with his Pokémon in order to sync their battling styles. As such, Ash is usually very close to the Pokémon he captures. Ash is always quick to come to any Pokémon's aid, both wild and captured. He doesn't like hurting or overworking Pokémon as seen in the episode Saving the World From Ruins! where Ash finds it hard to tell Pikachu to attack a friend's Riolu who was under Team Galactic's control.

Ash makes friends as he travels throughout the many regions of the Pokémon world and they help him out on his adventure. One of Ash's closest friends is Brock, the Pewter City Gym leader, who's been with him in almost every season and is a mentor to Ash. With the help of his friends and Pokémon, Ash learns a lot about being a Trainer and working towards his ultimate goal. Ash learns a lot about battling and forms a unique bond with each Pokémon with regards to their battling type. Unlike some other trainers, Ash cares less about evolving his Pokémon.
Ash as he appears in the Best Wishes series

As every season progresses, Ash makes strides towards his dream. After obtaining all eight badges in the Indigo League, Ash advances to the Top 16. Later, Ash competes in the Orange League and further improves his strategy. Ash goes on to compete in the Silver Conference of Johto and makes the Top 8, besting his rival Gary. Ash furthers himself as a trainer by making it to the final rounds of the Ever Grande Conference in Hoenn and makes it as far as the Top 4 in the Lily of the Valley Conference of Sinnoh. In side challenges, Ash has also done well; He wins the Battle Challenge in Twinleaf Town, obtaining the Gold Trophy, and gaining the right to challenge Frontier Brain Palmer.

Outside of battling, Ash also has some experience in Contests, having competed in a contest in the Sinnoh region once his friend Dawn gets him interested in the complexities of being a Pokémon Coordinator. Ash receives his Contest Pass in the episode Mounting a Coordinator Assault! and uses his Aipom during the Contest, but he soon realizes his heart will always be in battling. Later on in the season, Ash participates in another Contest, the Wallace Cup in episode Staging a Heroes' Welcome!; Ash only participates in order to improve his battling strategy. Ash has competed in a few PokéRinger competitions as well, using his flying-type Pokémon; While in Sinnoh, Ash competed in a Pokémon Ping-Pong tournament alongside Pikachu in the episode To Thine Own Pokémon Be True!.

In every season, Ash forms a connection to a legendary Pokémon, either seeing or interacting with it. He sees Ho-Oh in the first season and while in Sinnoh interacts with Suicune along with the Lake Guardians. Ash and Pikachu have a run-in with Zekrom in the first episode of Pokémon Black and White.


Ash has traveled through every major region collecting Gym Badges in order to compete in the different Pokémon Leagues and Conferences.

Indigo League

Ash makes it to the Top 16 in the Indigo Plateau Conference, seen in the anime.
Badge Name Badge City Obtained
Boulder Badge Boulder Badge.png Pewter City
Cascade Badge Cascade Badge.png Cerulean City
Thunder Badge Thunder Badge.png Vermillion City
Rainbow Badge Rainbow Badge.png Celadon City
Soul Badge Soul Badge.png Fuchsia City
Marsh Badge Marsh Badge.png Saffron City
Volcano Badge Volcano Badge.png Cinnabar Island
Earth Badge Earth Badge.png Viridian City

Orange League

Badge Name Badge Island Obtained
Coral Eye Badge Coral Eye Badge.png Mikan Island
Sea Ruby Badge Sea Ruby Badge.png Navel Island
Spike Shell Badge Spike Shell Badge.png Trovita Island
Jade Star Badge Jade Star Badge.png Kumquat Island

Johto League

Ash makes it to the Top 8 in the Silver Conference, seen in the anime.
Badge Name Badge City Obtained
Zephyr Badge ZephyrBadge.png Violet City
Hive Badge HiveBadge.png Azalea Town
Plain Badge PlainBadge.png Goldenrod City
Fog Badge FogBadge.png Ecruteak City
Storm Badge StormBadge.png Cianwood City
Mineral Badge MineralBadge.png Olivine City
Glacier Badge GlacierBadge.png Mahogany Town
Rising Badge RisingBadge.png Blackthorn City

Hoenn League

Ash makes it to the Top 8 in the Ever Grande Conference, seen in the anime.
Badge Name Badge City Obtained
Stone Badge StoneBadge.png Rustboro City
Knuckle Badge KnuckleBadge.png Dewford Town
Dynamo Badge DynamoBadge.png Mauville City
Heat Badge HeatBadge.png Lavaridge Town
Balance Badge BalanceBadge.png Petalburg City
Feather Badge FeatherBadge.png Fortree City
Mind Badge MindBadge.png Mossdeep City
Rain Badge RainBadge.png Sootopolis City

Sinnoh League

Ash makes it to the Top 4 in the Lily of the Valley Conference, seen in the anime.
Ash's Sinnoh Badges
Badge Name Badge City Obtained
Coal Badge CoalBadge.png Oreburgh City
Forest Badge ForestBadge.png Eterna City
Cobble Badge CobbleBadge.png Veilstone City
Fen Badge FenBadge.png Pastoria City
Relic Badge RelicBadge.png Hearthome City
Mine Badge MineBadge.png Canalave City
Icicle Badge IcicleBadge.png Snowpoint City
Beacon Badge BeaconBadge.png Sunyshore City

Unova League

Ash makes it to the Top 8 in the Vertress Conference, seen in the anime.
Badge Name Badge City Obtained
Trio Badge Trio Badge.png Striaton City
Basic Badge Basic Badge.png Nacrene City
Insect Badge Insect Badge.png Castelia City
Bolt Badge Bolt Badge.png Nimbasa City
Quake Badge Quake Badge.png Driftveil City
Jet Badge Jet Badge.png Mistralton City
Freeze Badge Freeze Badge.png Icirrus City
Toxic Badge Toxic Badge.png Virbank City

Kalos League


Ash and all of his Pokemon

Ash has traveled through multiple regions in the Pokémon World, capturing many different Pokémon which currently remains at Professor Oak's lab while he ventures to new regions, although his Pikachu remains with Ash through every journey. Occasionally, Ash calls upon his Pokémon at Professor Oak's Lab which are transferred over to him. Due to Unova being further away from Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn, Ash's Unova Pokemon are transferred to Professor Juniper's laboratory instead.

Current Roster



Froakie >> Frogadier >> Greninja

Fletchling >> Fletchinder >> Talonflame



Ash's Pokemon


Caterpie >> Metapod >> Butterfree

Pidgey >> Pidgeotto >> Pidgeot


Charmander >> Charmeleon >> Charizard


Krabby >> Kingler








Noctowl (Shiny)

Chikorita >> Bayleef

Cyndaquil >> Quilava

Phanpy >> Donphan



Taillow >> Swellow

Treecko >> Grovyle >> Sceptile


Snorunt >> Glalie



Starly >> Staravia >> Staraptor

Turtwig >> Grotle >> Torterra

Chimchar >> Monferno >> Infernape


Gligar >> Gliscor



Pidove >> Tranquill >> Unfezent


Tepig >> Pignite


Roggenrola >> Boldore


Krokorok >> Krookodile


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