Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!


Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals! is the 120th episode of the Best Wishes series and a continuation of the N arc.



The episode begins with Ash, Iris, and Cilan arriving at the Dragonspiral Tower, and while they're admiring the structure, a mysterious man in a vehicle approaches the group. He asks them if they are close friends with Professor Juniper, where Ash confirms that they are friends with her, as well as her father Professor Cedric Juniper. The man mentions to Ash and the group that he's an assistant of Cedric Juniper and that he's here to pick them up and bring them to the White Ruins.

Nearby, members of Team Plasma observe Ash and the group's conversation and decides to pursue them towards the White Ruins. Team Rocket also observes the group and decides to follow them as well. Meowth mentions that he planted a transmitter on Colress' machine, therefore they'll be able to uncover Team Plasma's plans.

Professor Cedric Juniper

Back with Ash and the group, Cilan asks the man regarding their excavation and he replies that they have found an item that's extremely important and that they'll be able to see it, once they arrive at the White Ruins.

When the group finally arrived at the ruins, the man leads them inside towards Professor Cedric Juniper. The professor expresses his gratitude for the group taking their time to meet him, while they thank him for being invited.

Ash asks the professor to explain his discovery, which he agrees. Professor Cedric Juniper explains that from the ancient hieroglyphics on the mural, inside the door lies an important item that is related to the legendary Pokemon, Reshiram, who's a dragon type that has the ability to control fire and has a tail that can generate fire to destroy anything in its path. Ash and his friends are filled with excitement and the professor tells them that he must get past the door. He mentions that there was a sealed placed on the door and that he's came up with a method that will unlock that seal. He starts to move the ancient hieroglyphic pieces to their correct spots, then suddenly, a bright light flashes before everyone. The door opens, allowing everyone to proceed deep into the ruins. Professor Cedric Juniper mentions that the item ahead is the Light Stone and confirms that's the item that they've been searching for. Ash questions on what the Light Stone is, where Iris mentions that it's possibly Reshiram in another form or shape. The professor tells everyone to head outside to obtain a closer look, when suddenly, enormous flames sprouted from the stone, up into the skies.

Nearby, N notices the flames and realizes that's where Reshiram lies, and decides to proceed to that location. Team Plasma notices as well and begins analyzing the flames.


Ash and everyone are back outside and the mysterious man decides to go get the analysis equipment. Professor Cedric Juniper takes out the Light Stone once again and examines it before confirming that it's real. Some members of Team Plasma overhear their conversation and decides to report to their leader, Ghetsis.

The professor explains to Ash of a chapter on the Pokemon mythology. When a person is searching for the truth, Reshiram will appear before them. The legendary Pokemon will battle that person as a test of their heart and strength. If Reshiram deems that person a hero, the Pokemon will pass down the wisdom it has accumulated over many years and go after the hero's enemies. He'll also treat the person with kindness. Although the person will obtain great power, the kindness within them will be lost. N interrupts and finishes the story stating that the country built by the hero, will be consumed in flames. Finally Reshiram will depart.

Team Plasma has found N and are reporting to Ghetsis. The organization's leader order them not to let N escape this time. He also asks Colress for an update of his machine, where the doctor replies that he has no issue and he's prepared for when Reshiram makes an appearance.

Ash asks N why he's here, where N replies that he sense Team Plasma's presence as well as Reshiram. N questions Professor Cedric Juniper on his plans with the Light Stone, where the professor replies that he will continue to investigate the Light Stone as it's part of his lifetime research. N quickly snatches the Light Stone from the professor and explains that he can't let him have the stone. He mentions that he witnessed Reshiram destroy Team Plasma and departed. N wants to question why the legendary Pokemon was angry to the point of causing destruction. If the Pokemon is angry with people, then N wants to calm Reshiram down. Ash asks N to work with the professor, but N refuses, stating that the professor only wants the stone for scientific purposes.


N starts to escape, but Ash along with his Pikachu, starts to chase him. Suddenly part of the ground collapses and Ash starts to sink part of the way. N decides to help, but the ground beneath them continues to break apart. N realizes that he can't hold Ash and the Light Stone at the same time, therefore he decides to drop the Light Stone into the pit. N is holding Ash with one hand and is using the other hand to keep them from falling into the pit. Moments later, the rest of the ground crumbles, and both Ash and N fall down to the bottom of the pit.

Ash and N wake up and noticed that the sand cushioned their fall. They see that the hole they fell through is covered by rocks, trapping them underground.

Above ground, Team Plasma finally makes their ambush on Iris, Cilan, and Professor Cedric Juniper. They informed Aldeth, as well as Ghetsis, that the Light Stone fell down the hole, along with N.

Light Stone

Ash and N are sitting on the sand, and N wonders why Anthea and Concordia reject people and why Ash is so loved by all Pokemon. N mentions that he has noticed many relationships between humans and Pokemon, while tracking down Team Plasma. He wishes for Anthea and Concordia to understand that it's possible for humans and Pokemon to coexist among one another. He also wonders why Pokemon exist in the world and what's their meaning. N states that after what he observed with the professor and the Light Stone, he believes that people still treat Pokemon as creatures that serve their needs and that it shows their arrogance. Ash disagrees and reassures that it was not the professor's intention to use Reshiram that way. Ash also mentions that he always treat his Pokemon as his friends and is always grateful for his Pokemon being there for him, regardless of the situation.


Back outside, above ground, the mysterious man reveals his true identity, who turns out to be Looker. Colress appears along with his machine and uses it to control all of the Pokemon that were assisting Professor Cedric Juniper and his excavation team. Iris and Cilan call out their Dragonite and Crustle, respectively, to take on the Golurk. Team Plasma orders their group of Liepard to attack the group using Hyper Beam.

Ash and N hear plenty of noise coming from above ground and believe that Team Plasma are the ones responsible. The episode ends with the two preparing to make their way above ground.

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