Dark Void

Dark Void

Dark Void is a Dark-Type move introduced in Generation IV as an attack exclusive to the Pitch-Black Pokémon Darkrai, unless the move gets Sketched by a Smeargle in Generation VI. The user drags the foe into a world of total darkness, which puts all opposing Pokémon within range of the move to sleep.

Pokémon with either Insomnia or Vital Spirit are immune to this move. Additionally, Pokémon with Leaf Guard during harsh sunlight are immune to this move.

The base accuracy of this move prior to Generation VI was 80% for each target. It was reduced to 50% in Generation VII.

As of Generation VII, Dark Void can only be used successfully by Darkrai. If it is used by other Pokémon, it tells the user that it can't use the move.

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Level-Up

Level Pokémon
66 Darkrai

Pokémon that Learn this Move via Breeding


Pokémon that Learn this Move via Sketch

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