Dawn as seen in the DP Series
Pokémon Coordinator
Animé Debut
English Voice Actor
Emily Jeness
Japanese Voice Actor
Megumi Toyoguchi

Dawn is one of the main characters of The Sinnoh Saga, becoming a close traveling companion to Brock and Ash. Dawn begins her journey from Twinleaf Town, hoping to become a top Pokémon Coordinator like her mother, Johanna. She chooses Piplup as her Starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan due to a sticky situation with a group of Ariados in a nearby forest in her debut episode. Like in previous seasons, Dawn's bike is ruined by Ash's Pikachu very early on. Dawn carries her mother's first Contest Ribbon with her at all times as a good luck charm.

Dawn is also a pretty good battler. Through her time in the Contest circuit, Dawn becomes very close with a fellow Coordinator, Zoey, who helps her out along the way. Dawn, a native of the Sinnoh region, meets and introduces many people and places along the journey. She is known as Dee Dee to many of her local friends. Dawn throws her Pokéballs with the phrase "Spotlight!".



Like Serena and Ash, Dawn is an only child and not much is known about her father. She cares more about her appearance than Ash's previous traveling companions, often asking her Piplup to use his attacks to help her fix her bed hair. While less confident about her abilities at first, Dawn is cheered on by Ash and Brock and finally manages to catch her first Pokémon, a Buneary in the episode Setting the World on Its Buneary!. From that point forward, Dawn hones her skills as a Coordinator and works closely with her Pokémon in order to create winning contest moves.

Dawn in Pokémon DP

Dawn is a stubborn but very caring character in the series. This is especially seen when she worries over her Swinub getting hurt trying to defeat Team Rocket and also when she shows a lot of patience for Mamoswine when it initially refuses to listen to her. She gains more confidence as she participates in more Contests, but is shown to have a temper from the start, for example, when her old friends call her Dee Dee. Dawn's ultimate goal is to become a top Pokémon Coordinator like her mother and she holds herself up to the highest standards in order to achieve that goal.

Dawn is very curious, and as the youngest in the group, she is eager to learn as much as possible about Pokémon and the Pokémon world. Dawn frequently takes out her Pokédex in order to gain information about the many Pokémon she, Ash and Brock meet during their travels.

Dawn is exceedingly interested in fashion and style, both for herself and her Pokémon. Dawn dresses her Buneary in a vest and is shown to sketch and design clothing for her Pokémon. Through the series, Dawn dresses in various clothing (both during the Contest and in her travels) sent to her by her mother.

A recurring joke is Dawn telling people not to worry about her and getting, in response, the line "...but that's when I worry the most!"

Best Wishes series

Dawn makes a return in the Unova region and was shown to be staying in Cynthia's vacation home, while Cynthia was in Virbank City. Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet up and eventually returned with Cynthia to her home, where Dawn reunites with Ash, as well as meeting Iris and Cilan.

She announced that she would compete in the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup, which ended up in her defeat against Iris. After the tournament, she announced that she would be competing in the Wallace Cup in the Johto region. Dawn leaves the group and heads for her plane flight, leaving Unova.


Dawn is the season's trio go-to for Pokémon Contests and all the rules, aspects and regulations of competing in them. Dawn introduces Ash and Brock to Pokéball Capsules and how to use them - they feature prominently throughout the entire season. Early on, Dawn is reminded that in order to become a Top Pokémon Coordinator, she must first become a Top Pokémon Trainer and Dawn takes this to heart as she vigorously works to improve her Pokémon's skills.

Dawn focuses too much on her Pokémon's moves in her early Contest battles, twice losing in the first round because of it.
Dawn in Contest Attire
With the help of Zoey, Dawn learns to make the focus of the Contest the Pokémon themselves, and so she begins to place higher in subsequent Contests. Dawn's other rival is Ursula who competes head-to-head with Dawn a few times for top-spot in the Contests. Ursula is conniving, trying to secretly learn Dawn's moves before the Contests and making fun of her; Dawn tries to not allow any of it to get to her and finally defeats Urusla, obtaining her fifth ribbon first.

Dawn wears a pink dress and bow which her mother gives her while participating in all the various Contests. Dawn is usually successful in both the Appeal Round as well as the Contest Battle round. Dawn is not unique among Ash's friends in her aspirations to become a Top Coordinator - May, Ash's friend from the Hoenn Region, also strives at that goal; she appears in Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension to compete in the Wallace Cup and ultimately loses to Dawn.

Dawn's ultimate goal is to enter and master the Grand Festival. With her winning combination move 'Flame Ice', Dawn wins the Daybreak Contest and her fifth ribbon in the episode Playing the Performance Encore!, allowing her to compete. At the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Dawn succeeds in the Appeal Rounds, moving onto the Battle Rounds, among the top 32 Pokémon Coordinators in Sinnoh. Dawn defeats Jesselina, moving onto the Final Round against her friend and rival, Zoey. Dawn ultimately loses in an extremely close and hard-fought competition - with only a mere few points separating the two Coordinators.

Dawn's Ribbons


  • Floaroma Town Ribbon
  • Aqua Ribbon
  • Celestic Ribbon
  • Chocovine Ribbon
  • Daybreak Ribbon


Dawn seems to like cute-looking Pokémon and she also frequently dresses them up - both while inside and outside of their Pokéballs.

Dawn's roster includes:

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