Generation VII
Once per battle, the shroud that covers the Pokémon can protect it from an attack.
How many Pokémon have this ability

Disguise is an Ability that was introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Mimikyu.



In Battle

A Pokémon with the Disguise ability will be immune to being damaged by an attack just once. Once this happens, its disguise disappears and its appearance changes.


It is currently unknown if Disguise will have an effect in the overworld.

Pokémon With This Ability

Normal Ability

# Pokémon Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd
778 778 Mini Sprite.png Mimikyu Ghost.gif Fairy.gif Disguise None 55 90 80 50 105 96

Hidden Ability


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