Elite Four

The Elite Four are an elite group of trainers who are considered the best trainers in their region. They are the toughest in the Pokémon League but are just a bit shy from being considered a Pokémon Champion. In order to challenge these trainers, you must have collected all eight badges from the Gym Leaders in your region. The Elite Four members in Kanto and Johto are located in the Indigo Plateau, the ones in Hoenn are located in Ever Grande City, and the ones in Sinnoh are located in the Elite Four Castle there.


Kanto Elite Four

Elite Four Member Name Stage Type

Lorelei.png Lorelei 1 Ice.gif
Bruno.png Bruno 2 Fighting.gif
Agatha.png Agatha 3 Ghost.gif
LanceSprite.png Lance 4 Dragon.gif
BlueFRLG.png Blue Champion Misc.png

Johto Elite Four

Elite Four Member Name Stage Type

WillMug.png Will 1 Psychic.gif
KogaSprite.png Koga 2 Poison.gif
BrunoMug.png Bruno 3 Fighting.gif
KarenMug.png Karen 4 Dark.gif
LanceMug.png Lance Champion Dragon.gif

Hoenn Elite Four

Elite Four Member Name Stage Type

SidneySprite.png Sidney 1 Dark.gif
Phoebe.png Phoebe 2 Ghost.gif
Glacia.png Glacia 3 Ice.gif
Drake.png Drake (Elite Four) 4 Dragon.gif
StevenChampion.png Steven Champion Steel.gif
WallaceChampion.png Wallace Champion Water.gif

Sinnoh Elite Four

Elite Four Member Name Stage Type

AaronMug.png Aaron 1 Bug.gif
BerthaMug.png Bertha 2 Ground.gif
FlintMug.png Flint 3 Fire.gif
LucianMug.png Lucian 4 Psychic.gif
CynthiaMug.png Cynthia Champion Misc.png

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