Energy are a type of card that allow Pokémon in the Trading Card Game to use certain move. There are two different types of Energy: Basic Energy and Special Energy. An maximum of 59 Basic Energy may be in a deck due to the fact that a Basic Pokémon is required for a deck. Special Energy follow the normal rule of only four (4) of each different Special Energy to be ran in a deck. Basic Energy also are not required to be of the current format. For example, Grass Energy from the original Base Set is allowed to be used in the current Next Destinies-on format. Special Energy must still follow this rule. However, a Double Colorless Energy from the Heartgold & Soulsilver set is allowed to be used in the current format due to the fact that Double Colorless Energy has been reprinted in the Next Destinies set. Energy of any type are allowed to be used for attacks that require Colorless Energy.

Energy are printed for all TCG Types other than the Dragon Type. It is currently unknown whether the Fairy Type will have a new Energy or not.

The TCG Types are as follows:

Grass [Grass/Bug]

Fire [Fire]

Water [Water/Ice]

Lightning [Electric]

Fighting [Fighting/Ground/Rock]

Psychic [Psychic/Poison/Ghost]

Darkness [Dark]

Metal [Steel]

Dragon [Dragon]

Fairy [Fairy]

Colorless [Normal/Flying]

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