Following a Maiden's Voyage!

Following a Maiden's Voyage is the first episode of the Diamond and Pearl series. It aired as a three-partner episode special, along with Two Degrees of Seperation! and When Pokémon Worlds Collide!.



This episode takes place in a new region known as Sinnoh. Ten year old Dawn, who is from Twinleaf Town, has just woken up and is excited that she will be able to obtain her first Pokémon today.

In the house, Dawn meets with her mother, Johanna, who is a Top Coordinator. These two start discussing Dawn heading out to obtain the proper material to prepare for her Pokémon journey. Dawn takes out her postcard that she received from Professor Rowan, which is invitation to meet him in Sandgem Town to obtain her first Pokémon. On the postcard shows the three Pokémon: Piplup, Chimchar, Turtwig, that Dawn will have to choose from and she starts fantasizing about each of the Pokémon in a Pokémon Contest.

Eventually Dawn starts to set off for a journey, but not before Johanna gives Dawn the first Contest Ribbon she has ever won for a good luck charm. Dawn sets off to Sandgem Town, but gets lost along the way. She eventually ran into Professor Rowan and is escorted to his lab. Meanwhile, at the lab, some of the assistants noticed the issues that were occuring among the three Pokémon starters, as well as Starly and Staraptor, but wasn't able to control them, which led to chaos in the lab. All of the Pokémon, except Turtwig escaped before Dawn and Professor Rowan entered the lab.

Dawn asks Professor Rowan if she can go out and find the Pokémon that escaped, and he agrees. She ran into Chimchar and Piplup briefly before they wandered off into the forest. She hears Piplup's voice and runs into him only to see him tangled up in a web by Ariados. Dawn eventually frees Piplup, but the group of Ariados strikes back by creating a cage surrounding them using String Shot. With the two trapped, Piplup uses Bide to protect incoming attacks towards Dawn and releases an energy blast getting rid of the Ariados for good.

After Dawn and Piplup defeated the group of Ariados, they continue wandering through the forest and reach Lake Verity, which they briefly encounter a transparent creature. Immediately afterwards, they see that Starly, Staraptor and Chimchar are heading back to the lab, so Dawn and Piplup decides to head back as well. Once they reach the lab, Dawn explains to Professor Rowan what she saw at Lake Verity and he explains that it may be a Legendary Pokémon. Afterwards, Professor Rowan allowed Dawn to choose her starter and immediately chooses Piplup, due to the bond that developed between the two, She received a set of Poké Balls and a Pokédex, and finally setted out for her journey.

Finally, we shift to Ash, Pikachu, and Aipom, who are on a boat, about to arrive in Sinnoh. Team Rocket kidnaps Pikachu, but starts an argument that led to their hot air balloon exploding, knocking Pikachu into a nearby forest. The episode ends with Ash and Aipom searching for Pikachu in a forest, while Dawn is heading towards the next town.

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