Generation V
It transforms itself into the Pokémon it is facing.
How many Pokémon have this ability

Imposter is an Ability which was introduced in the 5th Generation. One Pokémon Species has this ability.



In Battle

The Pokémon with this ability will transform into the opponent Pokémon during battle, and copy all stats, and stat raises and drops with the exception of it's Hit Points when brought into battle.

Think of it as the move Transform, but without wasting a turn setting up.


Imposter has no overworld effect.

Pokémon With This Ability

Pokémon that can obtain this Ability from the Dream World:

# Pokémon Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd
132 132 Mini Sprite.png Ditto Normal.gif Limber Imposter 48 48 48 48 48 48

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