Johanna is a NPC and the protagonist's mother in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. She introduces the player to Pokémon Contests and gives you the correct attire to compete.

In The Anime

In the anime, Johanna makes her debut in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. She is Dawn's mother and a former Top Coordinator with a great reputation in the Sinnoh region. She is Dawn's inspiration for becoming a Top Coordinator. Johanna gives Dawn one of her Ribbons as a good luck charm when she leaves on her adventure.

Johanna is eager to see Dawn embark on her journey and reminds her early that she needs to become a great trainer in order to become a top Coordinator. Dawn frequently chats with Dawn, as well as Ash and Brock, through their travels in Sinnoh; she especially makes an effort to speak with Dawn after every Pokémon Contest.

Johanna's main Pokémon partner is her Glameow.

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