Lumiose City Pursuit!

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October 17, 2013
US First Airing
October 19, 2013
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Lumiose City Pursuit! is the 2nd episode of the XY Series, as Ash and Pikachu continue their adventure in the Kalos region.



Serena and Rhyhorn

The episode begins with Serena trying to get the hang of riding a Rhyhorn. Her mother mentions that she competed in Rhyhorn races around the world and wants Serena to compete as well. She continues to encourage Serena, but her daughter eventually falls off the Rhyhorn. Serena expresses her disinterest in this activity.

The episode shifts back to Ash and his friends. Bonnie continues to lead Ash, with the injured Froakie, to the research lab to see Professor Sycamore in hopes of treating the Pokemon, while Clemont struggles to keep up with the two. Team Rocket, nearby, witness Ash and his friends passing by and they decide to follow them to the research lab.

Professor Sycamore

The group finally arrive at the lab, where they meet Professor Sycamore. The professor mentions that he's familiar with this particular Froakie and calls for his assistant to get the water type Pokemon and begin treating it. He also mentions that he got in contact with it's trainer. Ash questions the location of the trainer and whether he was coming to see Froakie and Professor Sycamore replies that the trainer contacted him to state that he was giving up the Pokemon.

Clemont, who appears exhausted, has finally arrived at the lab, and everyone decides to go check on Froakie. Everyone appears worried, but Professor Sycamore claims that there's nothing to worry about, as he is referring to his assistant that's currently treating Froakie.

Professor Sycamore introduces himself to Ash and states that he's a Pokemon researcher working in the Kalos region. Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie introduce themselves as well. Ash continues on, stating that he's from the Kanto region and that he's on a quest to become a Pokemon Master. After the introductions, Ash questions once more on Froakie's ex trainer and why he decided to give up his Pokemon. Professor Sycamore explains that it's his job to give new trainers their first Pokemon, Froakie being an option. He mentions that this particular Froakie refuses to listen to its previous trainers and the result was the trainers returning the water type Pokemon. He also states that there were situations in which Froakie ran away from his trainers simply because he didn't like them. Ash and his friends show their sympathy for Froakie.

Over by the area where Froakie is being treated, the group sees a Garchomp, who appears extremely worried about the water type Pokemon. Professor Sycamore explains that Garchomp lives at the research lab and has a good heart. He asks how Garchomp is doing and reassures him that Froakie will be treated.


Ash walks up to greet Garchomp and also reassures him that Froakie will be fine. Bonnie asks the professor if he can pet him, which he allows her to do.

Clemont questions the professor on whether he's researching Pokemon evolution, which he confirms. He also state that there are tons of Pokemon in the lab and that he would like to show them. Everyone follows the Professor, while Ash remains in the room to check on Froakie.

Ash catches up to the Professor and asks him what kind of evolution is he researching. Professor Sycamore mentions that it may be possible for Pokemon to hold an additional evolution, known specifically as Mega Evolution. He mentions that he believes that the strong bond between a trainer and his/her Pokemon, as well as a special stone will allow a Pokemon to Mega Evolve. He also mentions that the Pokemon can return to their previous state after evolving.


Team Rocket, who's listening to the Professor's statements regarding Mega Evolution, becomes excited and decide to kidnap all of the Pokemon from inside of the lab. Jessie, James, and Meowth walk into the lab in disguises, stating that they are there to research Mega Evolutions. Froakie fully recovers and head towards Team Rocket, as well as Gatchomp. Professor Sycamore's assistant states thatshe doesn't recall anyone coming, but the disguised Team Rocket assures her that they're telling the truth.

Moments later, James pull out a device and attempts to throw it at Froakie, but Garchomp steps in the way and the device attaches to his neck. This causes Garchomp to lose control and go on a rampage. Team Rocket are confused, as they thought it was possible to control Garchomp with the device they used on him. Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, and the Professor arrive and demand the impostors to explain who they are. Team Rocket reveals their true identity and they are immediately blasted off when Garchomp launches a Hyper Beam towards them.


Ash attempts to calm Garchomp down, but the raging Pokemon launches another Hyper Beam towards him and his friends. Garchomp flys out of the building and goes on a rampage throughout Lumiose City, repeatedly launching Hyper Beams. Ash and his friends decide to pursue Garchomp and stop him from doing further damage to the city. Froakie decides to tag along with Ash.

Garchomp lands on the top of Prism Tower and starts unleashing more Hyper Beams in the city.

Back at Serena's home, Serena and her mother are watching the entire event going on at Lumiose City from their television.

Ash decides to head towards Garchomp at the top of the tower and Clemont decides to help him. Clemont leads Ash to an emergency stair well that's currently inaccessible, but he uses his gear to unlock the door, allowing Ash to proceed inside the building. As Clemont and Bonnie prepare to head inside as well, Garchomp launches a Hyper Beam, knocking those two away from the building and causing the debris to fall and block off the entrance, leaving Ash, Pikachu and Froakie inside. Clemont mentions that he and Bonnie weren't harmed and tells Ash to proceed toward the top of Prism Tower.

Ash runs up to Garchomp, but the Dragon Pokemon launches another Hyper Beam before proceeding further up the tower. Ash continues climbing and eventually reaches the top of Prism Tower. He once again attempts to calm Garchomp down and the Pokemon begins to show some signs of resistance towards the device. Ash takes the opportunity to physically grab Garchomp to stop it from falling off the tower. He commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail to break the device around Garcomp's neck, which results in the Dargon Pokemon calming down.


Moments later, the floor beneath Pikachu crumbles, which results in him falling off of the tower. Ash, without hesitation, jumps off the tower to save Pikachu. As they are both falling, the mysterious Pokemon that Ash encountered earlier, flys towards them and takes them down to safety before heading back to its trainer, who appears on top of a nearby building. Professor Sycamore checks to make sure Ash is fine, which he confirms. Ash also states that Garchomp is back to normal, relieving the Professor. Ash finally asks the Professor about the Pokemon who saved him, where he responds that it was Blaziken in his Mega Evolution form, Mega Blaziken. Ash expresses his gratitude towards Blaziken.

Back at Serena's home, Serena notices Ash on television. She comments on how familiar he looks.

Ash capturing Froakie

Morning arrives and Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie are prepared to leave the lab. The professor gives Ash a Kalos Pokedex, in order to help him on his new journey throughout the region, and Ash thanks him. As the group heads off into town, Froakie suddenly appears with a Pokeball next to it. He pushes the Pokeball to Ash, indicating that he wants to join him. Ash questions Froakie if he's willing to join, and the water type Pokemon makes no hesitation and jumps inside of the Pokeball, allowing Ash to capture Froakie. The episode ends with Ash succesfully obtaining Froakie, his first Pokemon of the Kalos region.

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  • Ash captures his first Pokemon from the Kalos region, Froakie.
  • Mega Evolutions are explained.

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