Misty Surge

Misty Surge
Generation VII
Turns the ground into Misty Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle.
How many Pokémon have this ability

Misty Surge is an Ability that was introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Tapu Fini.



In Battle

A Pokémon with the Misty Surge Ability will activate a Misty Terrain upon entering the field. This halves the damage taken from Dragon-type moves used on grounded Pokémon, as well as prevent them from being afflicted by status conditions.


It is currently unknown if Misty Surge will have an effect in the overworld.

Pokémon With This Ability

Normal Ability

# Pokémon Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd
788 788 Mini Sprite.png Tapu Fini Water.gif Fairy.gif Misty Surge Telepathy 70 75 115 95 130 85

Hidden Ability


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