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Open Pass
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Open Pass is the first Mystery Dungeon that the player encounters in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. During the player's first visit, they are with Nuzleaf, attempting to escape the Beheeyem that are chasing them.

Pokémon Found

Pokémon Type Floors Levels Recruit Rate
046 Mini Sprite.png Paras Bug.gifGrass.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
084 Mini Sprite.png Doduo Normal.gifFlying.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
163 Mini Sprite.png Hoothoot Normal.gifFlying.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
273 Mini Sprite.png Seedot Grass.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
420 Mini Sprite.png Cherubi Grass.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
527 Mini Sprite.png Woobat Psychic.gifFlying.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable
590 Mini Sprite.png Foongus Grass.gifPoison.gif B1F-B4F ?? Unrecruitable


Item Floors
MD Poke Icon.png Poké B1F-B4F
MD Oran Berry Icon.png Oran Berry B1F-B4F
MD Pecha Berry Icon.png Pecha Berry B1F-B4F
MD Elixir Icon.png Elixir B1F-B4F
MD Apple Icon.png Apple B1F-B4F
File:MD Wand Icon.png Switcher Wand B1F-B4F
MD Seed Icon.png Blast Seed B1F-B4F
MD Seed Icon.png Sleep Seed B1F-B4F
MD Seed Icon.png Tiny Reviver Seed B1F-B4F
File:MD Emera Icon.png Confusion Guard B1F-B4F
MD Seed Icon.png Burn Guard B1F-B4F
MD Seed Icon.png Poison Guard B1F-B4F

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