Pokémon Channel

Pokémon Channel
Release Date(s)
JP: July 18, 2003
NA: December 1, 2003
EU: April 2, 2004
AUS: 2004
Virtual Pet

The game is based around the player trying out a new television channel aimed at Pokémon enthusiasts. The player befriends a Pikachu and together they explore the game world, meeting other Pokémon and tracking down new content for the channel.

The player's room can be customized. The player can also acquire Pokémon Mini games and play them via the game. In the European version of the game, Jirachi can also be acquired at the end of the game. Jirachi can not be acquired in the American game.

List of Channels

There are many channels in Pokémon Channel, and they all have a different purpose. You obtain them as you go through the storyline.

Pichu Bros. Part 1 - A new program that is available at the very beginning of the game. It shows you the beginning of the series.

Pichu Bros. Part 2 - A continuation of the Pichu Bros. Anime Series. It starts off where Part 1 stopped.

Pichu Bros. Part 3 - Part 3 of the Pichu Bros. starts off where Part 2 stopped.

Pichu Bros. Part 4 - In this episode, Meowth throws a party, with music, lights and dancing. This also starts where Part 3 left off.

Pichu Bros. Part 5 - This is the final part of the Pichu Bros. Anime Series. It starts off where Part 4 ended, and ends the entire series.

Pichu Bros. Part 1-5 - This can be viewed at the very end of the game, at Camp Starlight with Jirachi. He will show it on a movie projector, and the credits will run while the entire movie is playing. You can always go back to Camp Starlight to see it once again.

Art Channel - This is where Smeargle views different pieces of art from the Pokémon World, some that are even made by you! He'll tell you what he thinks of his art, and other art that was automatically put into the game.

Egg Channel - An egg will be shown on a platform, and four Pokémon choices of what the egg could be is shown. If you get the Pokémon correct, then you will win a sum of money. Feel free to go off and watch another channel, then return when the egg is about to hatch.

Fitness Channel - Smoochum will lead an exercise, and urge you and Pikachu to join in with her doing it. She'll talk to you throughout the exercise, giving you some tips.

News Channel - Psyduck will give you all the news about what's going on throughout the world on this channel. Though, he'll sometimes fall asleep while on the job, and a Technical Difficulty will appear on the TV Screen.

Quiz Channel 1 - In this channel, Wobbuffet will lead you through a quiz game. This includes guessing the silhouette of different Pokémon, listening to Pokémon cries and correctly guessing them, and a simple "answer the question correctly" round. This is an easy way to earn money.

Quiz Channel 2 - On this channel, you have a time limit to guess whether the number of Pokémon that come out is even or odd. As time goes down, you lose more money. The faster you answer, the more money you obtain from that channel.

Ranking Channel - Smoochum will show surveys that are randomly generated by random Pokémon, though sometimes, you can find important information here. She will also show you the Top 5 Pokémon and how many points they have in possession.

Relaxation Channel - Just like counting sheep before you go to sleep, Mareep will jump over fences, and to make it easier, there is a counter at the bottom for you to look at.

Shopping Channel - On this channel, Squirtle will sell different items to you, such as bus passes. Watch out, as Pikachu will sometimes push the TV, causing you to waste money on pointless items.

Weather Channel - Slowpoke will tell you about the weather in different regions of the Pokémon World. Watch this carefully, as different Pokémon appear in different weather.

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