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Pokémon Jungle
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48 JPN
64 ENG
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The Pokémon Jungle (ポケモンジャングル Pokémon Jungle), sometimes referenced as the Jungle Set, is the second set of trading cards in the official Pokémon Trading Card Game, and the first expansion of the TCG. It was released in Japan on March 5, 1997. Like the Base Set before it, the Jungle Set was released a little over two years later in the US on June 16, 1999. The Jungle Set added more Pokémon from Generation I, based upon Pokémon that would be expected to live in a jungle (including the evolved forms of some Pokémon that didn't appear in the Base Set), along with two new Theme Decks.

Themed Decks

English Theme


Jungle Set
No. Name Type Rarity
1/64 Clefable ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
2/64 Electrode LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
3/64 Flareon FireTCG.png RareHolo.png
4/64 Jolteon LightningTCG.png RareHolo.png
5/64 Kangaskhan ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
6/64 Mr. Mime PsychicTCG.png RareHolo.png
7/64 Nidoqueen GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
8/64 Pidgeot ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
9/64 Pinsir GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
10/64 Scyther GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
11/64 Snorlax ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
12/64 Vaporeon WaterTCG.png RareHolo.png
13/64 Venomoth GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
14/64 Victreebel GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
15/64 Vileplume GrassTCG.png RareHolo.png
16/64 Wigglytuff ColorlessTCG.png RareHolo.png
17/64 Clefable ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
18/64 Electrode LightningTCG.png Rare.png
19/64 Flareon FireTCG.png Rare.png
20/64 Jolteon LightningTCG.png Rare.png
21/64 Kangaskhan ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
22/64 Mr. Mime PsychicTCG.png Rare.png
23/64 Nidoqueen GrassTCG.png Rare.png
24/64 Pidgeot ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
25/64 Pinsir GrassTCG.png Rare.png
26/64 Scyther GrassTCG.png Rare.png
27/64 Snorlax ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
28/64 Vaporeon WaterTCG.png Rare.png
29/64 Venomoth GrassTCG.png Rare.png
30/64 Victreebel GrassTCG.png Rare.png
31/64 Vileplume GrassTCG.png Rare.png
32/64 Wigglytuff ColorlessTCG.png Rare.png
33/64 Butterfree GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
34/64 Dodrio ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
35/64 Exeggutor GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
36/64 Fearow ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
37/64 Gloom GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
38/64 Lickitung ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
39/64 Marowak FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
40/64 Nidorina GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
41/64 Parasect GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
42/64 Persian ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
43/64 Primeape FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
44/64 Rapidash FireTCG.png Uncommon.png
45/64 Rhydon FightingTCG.png Uncommon.png
46/64 Seaking WaterTCG.png Uncommon.png
47/64 Tauros ColorlessTCG.png Uncommon.png
48/64 Weepinbell GrassTCG.png Uncommon.png
49/64 Bellsprout GrassTCG.png Common.png
50/64 Cubone FightingTCG.png Common.png
51/64 Eevee ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
52/64 Exeggcute GrassTCG.png Common.png
53/64 Goldeen WaterTCG.png Common.png
54/64 Jigglypuff ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
55/64 Mankey FightingTCG.png Common.png
56/64 Meowth ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
57/64 Nidoran F GrassTCG.png Common.png
58/64 Oddish GrassTCG.png Common.png
59/64 Paras GrassTCG.png Common.png
60/64 Pikachu LightningTCG.png Common.png
61/64 Rhyhorn FightingTCG.png Common.png
62/64 Spearow ColorlessTCG.png Common.png
63/64 Venonat GrassTCG.png Common.png
64/64 Poké Ball 15px Uncommon.png
Expansion Pack
No. Name Type Rarity
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