Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
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Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
JP: September 2007
AUS: June 19, 2008
NA: April 20, 2008
EU: July 04, 2008
Dungeon RPG

As the sequel to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, a lot is expected. You go around, rescuing Pokemon and finding new dungeons to explore. You take a personality test to decide what Pokemon you turn into, and then you can choose a partner. There are many new features besides older ones from Red and Blue Rescue team which makes this game more exciting than ever. It also has a game that is similar to it, and that is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.


As before, you start off as a human, and somehow change into a Pokemon.

You may be a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Skitty, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, or Munchlax. Your partner can be any of the above Pokemon, but they may not be the same type as you, or a Normal type Pokemon (Meowth, Skitty and Munchlax).


One stormy night you wash upon shore on a beach and pass out. Meanwhile your future partner is trying to enter the guild but is not brave enough to enter, plus he/she needs a partner. They wander around the beach dreaming that they could solve the mystery of the relic fragment, a treasure that they found, but their dreams are interrupted when a Zubat and a Koffing steal the relic fragment. He/she finds you and asks you to team up with him/her and try to get the treasure back! You go through a dungeon and find them and get the relic back for your partner. Your partner gets happy and decides that you two should make a exploration team. You and your partner go and create one. You choose the name of your crew and start off your adventure. As you do missions for the guild, cut-scenes happen about this Pokemon that is stealing things called Time Gears. You don't know anything about them yet. As you walk around the town, you get some dreams of things that happen. You don't know if it is the future or it is just some dreams. You dream of a Drowzee about to hurt an innocent Azurill. You tell your partner that but your partner thinks you're just messing around. You go to the guild and check out the Outlaw Notice Board. You see the Drowzee that said he would help the innocent Azurill. After that you charge following the Drowzee and defeat him, saving Azurill. You find out that you get scenes from the future every once in awhile. So you just start doing missions again until you get another mission to explore a waterfall cave. You go to the waterfall and you don't see any entrances to a cave. Your character then gets a dream of a Pokemon that jumped into the waterfall and entered through a cave. You and your partner agree to do it. You jump through the waterfall and enter through another cave. After you are at the end of the cave you see this huge jewel. Your partner tries to take it out with all it's energy but can't even budge it. You try and the same thing happens. As you are heading away you get a dream showing a Pokemon pushing the jewel and a huge water current comes flowing by. Right before you warn your partner, your partner pushes the jewel and the water current blasts you to a hot spring. You then head back to the guild and tell everyone about your adventure. As you do missions you find out a huge exploration is going go on and the Koffing and Zubat that bullied your partner have their own team! And they brought some huge stinky beast with them called Skuntank. As you progress the team starts to do an expedition to hunt for treasure, and only the best can go. You and your partner try hard and eventually everyone gets to go! The guild splits and you work with Bidoof to get to the base camp. You see a Groudon illusion and defeat it. Then you ask if Uxie has anything to do with the player's memory loss, it says no. After the expedition the famous explorer, Dusknoir visits your guild. While you're in town Marill and Azurill still can't find their item and so you and your partner decide to retrieve it for them. Before you head to retrieve it, Marill and Azurill arrive at the guild with a piece of paper they found on the beach. It states that the location of their Water Float is at Amp Plains, bravely you head there and at the end you are ambushed by a bunch of angry Luxio's and a Luxray, Dusknoir will appear after you beat them all and they show resilience, but Dusknoir explains everything and they retreat, you retrieve the Water Float and give it back to Marill and Azurill, They'll be very happy and then you talk to Dusknoir about your ex-Human-ness and ability to see the future. He'll let you know that the visions you've been having are an ability called "Dimensional Scream". After this you'll be called back to the guild, an announcement comes that another time gear is stolen and it's the one Uxie is guarding, Wigglytuff declares a search for the thief, Grovyle. While searching you find Mesprit by another lake, Grovyle arrives and does his thing. You’re asked to use your Dimensional scream on a crystal Bidoof brought back from his search of Crystal Cave and you discover a lake there, you go there, find Azelf and Grovyle having a consultation when suddenly a large layer of crystals is summoned over the lake, protecting the time gear. You fight Grovyle and after you defeat him, Dusknoir goes to arrest Grovyle when BANG! They both disappear in a flash of light. Baffled, the guild returns back to the guild. Magnezone makes an announcement and you find him in Treasure Town. Dusknoir arrives and he announces that he and Grovyle are pokemon from the future (OMG!); he also mentions that Grovyle is trying to freeze time so that it’ll become a dark place like a moonscape or something; he also says that we should do whatever possible to catch him. He has a plan to capture him and you go ahead and do it. It all succeeds and Dusknoir brings Grovyle into Treasure Town surrounded by two Sableyes, he announces that they are going back to the future and opens a huge warp hole to take them back, but before he does, he asks to chat to you and your partner, he screams that you’re coming with him and drags you both in the warp hole with Grovyle and the Sableyes. In the future, the legendary Pokemon of time, Dialga is evil and bitter and he orders Dusknoir to kill everyone who interferes with time, this means he wants to kill you, your partner and Grovyle, but with luck, you all escape, you get outside Dusknoir’s fort and you realize the moonscape thing he was talking about was the future. Grovyle mentions that he was saving the future by collecting the time gears to place at the top of Temporal Tower where Dialga sleeps and that the reason the future is as it is now is because Temporal Tower collapsed and caused time to stop, your partner and you say that you can’t trust so he walks off in a strop, leaving you to make your way through the dark future. After making your way through different dungeons in the future you find an Odd Keystone and a beaten up Grovyle, a Spritomb appears and you fight with it. After you beat it, it flees and you go ahead with Grovyle to see Celebi. Celebi aids you in going back to present time but you are trapped by Dusknoir once again as you are about to leave through some path of time, Grovyle is about to give up and admits that it’s over but tells of his partner that went back in time with him to save the world and that they were still there and the world would still be save, he also that his partner is a human. Everyone is shocked but Dusknoir laughs and says to Grovyle to say his partner’s name. Grovyle says the name and it turns out that YOU are his partner, shocked, your main partner comes up with an idea for Celebi to jump you through time a few seconds till you’re out of the circle of Sableye and you escape in the path of time, but Celebi does not follow you. You arrive in the “present” again and collect the time gears to save the world. Your partner heads to Sharpedo Bluff and moves a bush to reveal a hole, it turns out he lived in the head of Sharpedo bluff before entering the guild, this is now your main save area, You head to Treeshroud Forest to take the time gear, when you get there, you discover time has still stopped, you take the time gear and return back to the bluff for sleep. Times get desperate and you and your partner decide to go back to the guild, you explain everything and you’re believed with mass support and everybody in treasure town helps you with your goal. You head back to Sharpedo Bluff to find a note by Grovyle in footprint runes, it asks how you are and that he’s nearly done with the time gears, also mentioning that Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit let him take the time gears as news has spread to them about the goal to save the future. After telling Wigglytuff of your success he says of how to get to the Temporal tower but he says you need a key, this turns out to be a relic fragment and you are all happy and victorious so Wigglytuff makes an Exploration of Brine Cave, you go there, and when you get the end you place the relic fragment in a wall and a bright light goes to the Horizon, a Lapras appears and take you, your partner and Grovyle to the hidden Land, where the Temporal Tower is. You get through a dungeon and have to get on the Rainbow Stoneship, where you place the relic fragment in the middle and get it working, however you are caught by Dusknoir, several Sableyes and a Warp Hole to the future, you fight and upon beating him and the several Sableyes, he again has a word war with you and Grovyle, Grovyle goes with Dusknoir into the warp hole, giving a teary goodbye, you take the Stoneship with your partner and get to Temporal Tower, you reach the top and find the same Dialga that’s in the future and the tower begins to collapse, you battle and beat him, the Tower is about to crumble to pieces but you save it just in time by placing the time gears in the five slots designated and on your way back down to the Hidden, you disappear like in the previous games, leaving your partner distraught. A few weeks later your partner is seen at the beach crying and then Dialga far in the Temporal Tower calls that the sorrow your partner gave off was intense and that he could feel it at the top of his tower, so Dialga grants him the wish of dropping you back on the world, hurray for happiness!

And that’s the end of the main storyline.


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