Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
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Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
JP: November 21, 2014
NA: November 21, 2014
EU: November 28, 2014
AUS: November 21, 2014
Generation VI
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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released for the Game Boy Advance, released for Nintendo 3DS. It was released worldwide on November 21, 2014, with Europe receiving the games on November 28, 2014.


New Forms

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduces new forms for the mascot Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre. When taking on these forms it is known as Primal Reversion, allowing them to transform into a form they originally took in ancient times with the use of the Red Orb and Blue Orb respectively.

# Name Type Ability
382 382p Mini Sprite.png Primal Kyogre Water.gif Primordial Sea
383 383p Mini Sprite.png Primal Groudon Ground.gifFire.gif Desolate Land

New Mega Evolutions

New Mega Evolutions have also been introduced, exclusive to these games. Mega Evolution will be provided in this game by the Mega Bangle worn by Brendan and May. There are a total of 19 new Mega Evolutions.

# Name Type Ability
015 015m Mini Sprite.png Mega Beedrill Bug.gifPoison.gif Adaptability
018 018m Mini Sprite.png Mega Pidgeot Normal.gifFlying.gif No Guard
080 080m Mini Sprite.png Mega Slowbro Water.gifPsychic.gif Shell Armor
208 208m Mini Sprite.png Mega Steelix Steel.gifGround.gif Sand Force
254 254m Mini Sprite.png Mega Sceptile Grass.gifDragon.gif Lightning Rod
260 260m Mini Sprite.png Mega Swampert Water.gifGround.gif Swift Swim
302 302m Mini Sprite.png Mega Sableye Dark.gifGhost.gif Magic Bounce
319 319m Mini Sprite.png Mega Sharpedo Water.gifDark.gif Strong Jaw
323 323m Mini Sprite.png Mega Camerupt Fire.gifGround.gif Sheer Force
334 334m Mini Sprite.png Mega Altaria Dragon.gifFairy.gif Pixilate
362 362m Mini Sprite.png Mega Glalie Ice.gif Refrigerate
373 373m Mini Sprite.png Mega Salamence Dragon.gifFlying.gif Aerilate
376 376m Mini Sprite.png Mega Metagross Steel.gifPsychic.gif Tough Claws
380 380m Mini Sprite.png Mega Latias Dragon.gifPsychic.gif Levitate
381 381m Mini Sprite.png Mega Latios Dragon.gifPsychic.gif Levitate
384 384m Mini Sprite.png Mega Rayquaza Dragon.gifFlying.gif Delta Stream
428 428m Mini Sprite.png Mega Lopunny Normal.gifFighting.gif Scrappy
475 475m Mini Sprite.png Mega Gallade Psychic.gifFighting.gif Inner Focus
531 531m Mini Sprite.png Mega Audino Normal.gifFairy.gif Healer
719 719m Mini Sprite.png Mega Diancie Rock.gifFairy.gif Magic Bounce


Main Article: Hoenn Normal Pokedex

Version Exclusives

Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
# Name Type # Name Type
140 140 Mini Sprite.png Kabuto Rock.gifWater.gif 138 138 Mini Sprite.png Omanyte Rock.gifWater.gif
141 141 Mini Sprite.png Kabutops Rock.gifWater.gif 139 139 Mini Sprite.png Omastar Rock.gifWater.gif
250 250 Mini Sprite.png Ho-Oh Fire.gifFlying.gif 249 249 Mini Sprite.png Lugia Psychic.gifFlying.gif
273 273 Mini Sprite.png Seedot Grass.gif 270 270 Mini Sprite.png Lotad Water.gifGrass.gif
274 274 Mini Sprite.png Nuzleaf Grass.gifDark.gif 271 271 Mini Sprite.png Lombre Water.gifGrass.gif
275 275 Mini Sprite.png Shiftry Grass.gifDark.gif 272 272 Mini Sprite.png Ludicolo Water.gifGrass.gif
303 303 Mini Sprite.png Mawile Steel.gifFairy.gif 302 302 Mini Sprite.png Sableye Dark.gifGhost.gif
335 335 Mini Sprite.png Zangoose Normal.gif 336 336 Mini Sprite.png Seviper Poison.gif
338 338 Mini Sprite.png Solrock Rock.gifPsychic.gif 337 337 Mini Sprite.png Lunatone Rock.gifPsychic.gif
383 383 Mini Sprite.png Groudon Ground.gif 382 382 Mini Sprite.png Kyogre Water.gif
410 410 Mini Sprite.png Shieldon Rock.gifSteel.gif 408 408 Mini Sprite.png Cranidos Rock.gif
411 411 Mini Sprite.png Bastiodon Rock.gifSteel.gif 409 409 Mini Sprite.png Rampardos Rock.gif
422 422 Mini Sprite.png Shellos (West Sea) Water.gif 422 422e Mini Sprite.png Shellos (East Sea) Water.gif
423 423 Mini Sprite.png Gastrodon (West Sea) Water.gifGround.gif 423 423e Mini Sprite.png Gastrodon (East Sea) Water.gifGround.gif
484 484 Mini Sprite.png Palkia Water.gifDragon.gif 483 483 Mini Sprite.png Dialga Steel.gifDragon.gif
538 538 Mini Sprite.png Throh Fighting.gif 539 539 Mini Sprite.png Sawk Fighting.gif
566 566 Mini Sprite.png Archen Rock.gifFlying.gif 564 564 Mini Sprite.png Tirtouga Rock.gifWater.gif
567 567 Mini Sprite.png Archeops Rock.gifFlying.gif 565 565 Mini Sprite.png Carracosta Rock.gifWater.gif
641 641 Mini Sprite.png Tornadus Flying.gif 642 642 Mini Sprite.png Thundurus Electric.gifFlying.gif
643 643 Mini Sprite.png Reshiram Dragon.gifFire.gif 644 644 Mini Sprite.png Zekrom Dragon.gifElectric.gif
690 690 Mini Sprite.png Skrelp Poison.gifWater.gif 692 692 Mini Sprite.png Clauncher Water.gif
691 691 Mini Sprite.png Dragalge Poison.gifDragon.gif 693 693 Mini Sprite.png Clawitzer Water.gif


  • Hero/Heroine: The games focus on the story of the main protagonist, who has just moved to Hoenn from the Johto region. Their aim is to defeat the Gym Leaders around Hoenn as well as capture and befriend many Pokémon along the way.
  • Professor Birch: Professor Birch is the region's local professor, and lives close to the player. He is good friends with the player's father Norman, and gives them their first starter Pokémon.
  • Brendan/May: The gender of the player character depends on if Brendan or May appears in the story. They are the same age as the player, and is the assistant to their father Professor Birch. They will assist and battle the player many times in their journey.
  • Wally: Wally is a young boy living in Petalburg City, and goes out on a journey with the Ralts the player helps him to capture. His illness forces him to move with his uncle to Verdanturf Town, however he aims to become a strong trainer and doesn't let anything get in his way despite his timid nature.
  • Steven Stone: Steven is the Champion of the Hoenn Pokémon League, and assists the player many times throughout their journey. His interests lie in collecting rare stones, but is also in pursuit of the origins of Mega Evolution.
  • Team Magma: Team Magma plays a more prominent role in Omega Ruby, with their main goal set on capturing and controlling Groudon to expand the land mass in Hoenn. They are lead by Maxie, with Admins Tabitha and Courtney assisting him.
  • Team Aqua: Team Aqua plays a more prominent role in Alpha Sapphire, with their main goal set on capturing and controlling Kyogre to expand the seas in Hoenn. They are lead by Archie, with Admins Matt and Shelly assisting him.
  • Zinnia: A mysterious girl part of the Draconid clan, Zinnia is encountered during the Delta Episode with the goal of summoning Rayquaza. She takes a great interest in the player, and is accompanied by her Whismur named Aster.
  • Gym Leaders: The Gym Leaders are some of the strongest trainers in Hoenn, which stand in the way of the player in their quest of becoming the League Champion. They are scattered all across Hoenn, and will award trainers with badges if they manage to defeat them.
  • Elite Four: A step above the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four members are a group of trainers that must be battled simultaneously in order to gain access to a battle with the Champion. The Elite Four members of Hoenn include Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia and Drake.
  • Lisia: Lisia is one of the top Pokémon Contest Spectacular stars, and recruits new contest participants. She sees the potential of the player and their Pokémon, immediately recruiting them. She participates in contests with her Altaria named Ali.
  • Aarune: A native of Unova, Aarune travels the world as a Secret Base expert but eventually settles in Hoenn. He helps the player get started on their own Secret Base, and can battle them with his partner Pokémon Flygon.


Version Release Fixes
1.1 November 25, 2014 Various bug fixes
1.2 December 3, 2014 Fixes a glitch that may cause the game to freeze during the end credits
Various bug fixes
1.3 April 2, 2015 Various bug fixes
1.4 April 23, 2015 Various bug fixes


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