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Pokémon Platinum Version
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Nintendo DS
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JP: September 13, 2008
NA: March 22, 2009
EU: May 22, 2009
AUS: May 14, 2009
Generation IV
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You are a young trainer, who is leaving your home in Twinleaf Town to become the greatest Pokemon Master. You collect badges and capture Pokémon to make your way to the ultimate battle stage of Pokemon, the Elite 4. On your journey, you will also have little side quests and do battle with Team Galactic, no-gooders who want to use the power of legendary Pokémon to rule the world of Pokémon. But instead of using Dialga or Palkia like in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, Team Galactic uses Giratina. It has been announced that Palkia and Dialga can be caught with the use of their rightful orbs, Lustrous and Diamond respectively, at the top of Spear Pillar and Giratina can be caught as well in the Distortion World.

Pokémon Platinum is set to add to and alter the story found in Diamond and Pearl, such as Giratina now playing a bigger role in proceedings. Shaymin, a legendary from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, also has a new form. Which will be seen in the movie Pokémon Movie 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.


Generation IV Differences

Giratina Origin Form
Shaymin Sky Forme

This new installment of the Pokemon franchise includes Giratina as the mascot throughout the course of the plot line, and we are finally introduced to its Origin Forme as seen in Pokémon Movie 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Its initial forme is commonly referred to as "Another" Forme. This new story line that holds home in the new Sinnoh Region involves a disturbance atop Mt. Coronet, as a portal to the newly introduced Distortion World is opened and Sinnoh's climate becomes colder. In Pokemon Platinum the protagonists (Dawn and Lucas) have been given new outfits to fit the harsher climate.

The legendary Pokémon Shaymin has been distributed as part of the admittance to the film Giratina to sora no Hanataba: Sheimi. Shaymin also has a new 'alternate' form in Pokemon Platinum, known as its "Sky Forme". This new form of Shaymin is a dual Flying ad Grass type Pokémon. This forme can only be obtained with the movie Shaymin that has been given the Gracidea Flower is given to it during the day in which it shall change from it's original "Land" Forme to the newly found "Sky Forme", this transformation can be reversed by either removing Gracidea Flower or when in battle during night time hours. Another new feature to he game revolves around a special Regigigas that was given out when a person pre-ordered a ticket for Giratine to Sora no Hanataba: Sheimi is traded from either Diamond or Pearl to Platinum in which Regice, Regirock and Registeel are then available throughout various points in Sinnoh.

This version of the Diamond/Pearl branch allows the player to obtain the legendary bird Pokémon - Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos - in the wild after both the defeat of the Elite Four and the receiving of the National Dex. Much like Mesprit their location varies upon switching places and routes and can be found using the Map App on the Pokétch.

Another new feature that appears in this game is the newly designed battle scene. The usual and recurring blue colour has now been changed to a more dark brown/grey colour, including that of the Pokémon selection scene. New animations and stances for Pokémon have also been added to the game. Some of the Pokémon with edited poses and animations are; Empoleon, Garchomp, Buizel, Floatzel, Torterra.

As previously mentioned, a new area has also been added to the game, known as the Distortion World, described as a parallel world to that of the Pokémon world, and the dwelling of the legendary Pokémon Giratina whose role in the story has been made dramatically more significant. The Distortion World is where you also have your final battle with Cyrus, instead of on Diamond/Pearl where you would face him on the summit of Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar). The Disortion World allows Giratina (must be caught in Platinum) to change its appearance. Its original form - named "Altered Forme" in the Sinnoh Pokedex - changes to "Origin Forme". In the Distortion World, you can walk upside down, surf side ways, and much more. After you beat the Elite Four and Champion and enter the Hall of Fame, the Spring Path opens up. You can then enter the Disortion World (after navigating through Turnback Cave) and obtain the Griseous Orb - a special item to be held by Giratina. It will make Giratina stay in Origin Forme until you battle over Wi-Fi (much like the Gracidea Flower and Shaymin) due to compatibility issues with Diamond and Pearl.

The Torn World

Changes to the DP formula

As can be seen in the screen-shot, there are numerous changes that have been implemented in the transition for Diamond and Pearl to Platinum. For example, there are new forms for certain types of Pokémon - this includes Rotom, Giratina and Shaymin.

You can also see that there is a new blue outfit for Lucas and a merry red outfit for Dawn - since it appears that the weather will be much colder - and also a new battle interface; the area where you can view your Pokémon's status and remaining HP.

Finally, there are numerous changes to the many areas of Sinnoh. It seems as though Eterna City has been rebuilt, and it is possible that the same has occurred for Floaroma Town. Also, there is said to be a new castle that Dawn enters, but no evidence has yet been found to support this claim. There is also a new rose arch above Floaroma Town. There is also a change where it says the name of the city you are in. The boxart in that has changed.

New Characters

As well as new places and forms of Pokémon new characters have been added to the plot line to make it slightly more interrogative. One of the first new people we see is an odd looking character whom calls himself "Looker". He is an undercover character working for the Police, trying to find out what Team Galactic is up to, and asks you to help him in his investigations. This character appears several other times throughout the game, once going as far as disguising himself as a Galactic Grunt. Another new character added to the game is a seemly new Galactic Commander under the name of Charon, whom we never face off in a battle, nor do we see him doing anything to capture of prevent Lucas/Dawn from thwarting Team Galactic, but does threaten you on every encounter.

Battle Frontier

After beating the Elite 4, the new Battle Frontier will be available for visiting - Much like the one seen in Pokémon Emerald. The Battle Frontier is where the old Pokémon Battle Tower was placed in the games Diamond and Pearl, and like in Pokémon Emerald, will in each battle arena be a frontier brain. It is then your mission to obtain all Frontier badges by defeating the frontier brain of each facility. Something different about this frontier is that you can do a wifi tag battle for each and every facility there.

Platinum Battle Frontier

Battle Tower: The battle frontier is still home to the Battle Tower where, as in previous games, have to beat 7 trainers consecutively before leaving the battle room. You must try and get the highest winning streak possible. The frontier brain here is Palmer.
Battle Arcade: The Battle Arcade takes the match-ups between the player and his opponents and adds a game of chance by allowing the player to spin a wheel before each battle. Depending on what the wheel lands on the player will either be at a disadvantage during the fight or will be assisted. The frontier brain here is Dahlia.
Battle Castle:Puts the player up against multiple groups of Pokémon without regenerating the health of the player's Pokémon before each match. The frontier brain here is Darach and Kaitlin, however, they will only have a single battle instead of double.
Battle Factory: In the Battle Factory, the player will fight battles using rented Pokemon that are given when entering the Factory. Once and opponent is beaten, the player can choose to trade out one of his own Pokemon for one of the defeated trainer's Pokémon. The frontier brain here is Thorton.
Battle Hall:The player will go up against a line-up of trainers with only a very small roster of their own Pokémon to choose from. The frontier brain here is Argenta.

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