Pokémon Ranger

Pokémon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon ranger.jpg
North American Box Art
HAL Laboratory
Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
March 2006 (JPN)
October 2006 (NA)
December 2006 (AU)
April 2007 (EUR)
Action RPG
(E) Everyone

An action RPG set in the world of the Pokémon Ranger. Its release precedes that of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, since it will show us some of the ideas presented in the other 2 upcoming games. The land the game is set in, Fiore, has four cities, and each were named after the four seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring).


You get to play as a Pokémon Ranger which is different than a regular Pokémon trainer. A Pokémon Ranger is someone who travels to different lands, but instead of looking for badges and fighting trainers, they use Pokémon to fight and defend nature. In the game you can play as a male or female and depending on your gender will decipher what starter Pokémon you have, Minun or Plusle. The touch screen is used to capture Pokémon. The more Pokémon that get captured, the higher your level will go. There are ten main missions, and with each mission completion, your rank goes up (number 1-10).


- Play as a female or male Pokémon Ranger.

- Link up Together with Diamond and Pearl for some top secret bonuses.

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