Pokémon Rumble Blast

Pokémon Rumble Blast
Release Date(s)
JP: July 28, 2011
NA: October 24, 2011
EU: December 2, 2011
AUS: Unknown
PEGI: Unknown
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Generation V
Compatible with
Nintendo 3DS
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Pokémon Rumble Blast (Super Pokémon Scramble) is a Nintendo 3DS video game, proceeding Pokémon Rumble. It once again features Pokémon Toys as the main characters, and they battle to become the ultimate Pokémon Toy!

It will be released July 24, 2011 in Japan, and October 24, 2011 in North America. Currently, there is no known release date for any other region.



Rumble Blast features all of the 646 Pokémon available in the game series, coming from Kanto to Unova.

New Pokémon Toys can be found by journeying through the world, and defeating them in battle. More Toys are available when playing the multiplayer section of the game with a friend using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or using local wireless.

Game Modes

Battle Royale

Returning from Pokémon Rumble, Battle Royale is the main single-player mode in this game. However, only one thing has changed in this version. This game introduces a multi-player mode, which allows you to play with friends over the internet, or living right around you! Together, two Pokémon Toys can move around and journey through the different worlds, collecting more Pokémon Toys to be used throughout the game.

At the end of each round, a boss Pokémon Toy can be found. This is just a larger Pokémon that will also give you Poké (more than usually obtained in battle) to buy new TMs and Pokémon Toys. However, they all have partners that are used to defeat the Pokémon Toy, in order to stay head of that area. These boss Pokémon can be obtained in the same way normal Pokétoys can.

Pokémon Collection Battle

This mode allows you to gain access to more rare, harder levels. It involves the player defeating all of the Pokémon Toys that they have collected throughout the entire game, in any mode. It is currently unknown if the more Pokémon that are defeated will give harder levels or not.

Team Battle

Team Battle is one of the newer modes in Pokémon Rumble Blast. In this mode, the player takes control of three different Pokémon Toys simultaneously, using them to defeat waves of Pokémon Toys that come after you to fight. It also allows the player to place the Pokémon like a tower in order to gain more power, similar to the feature in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3. HP is stacked together, and moves are powered up while a Pokémon Toy Tower is being used.

Charge Battle

A Charge Battle is similar to a war mode, where the player controls a large army of Pokémon Toys, while facing off against other various armies that are found throughout the Pokémon world. Using different combos, the player is expected to defeat the armies and bring opposing PokéToys on to their side.

Street Pass Battle

This is the only known feature of the game to use Nintendo 3DS StreetPass capabilities. When the 3DS is in sleep mode, and the player walks near a person with their 3DS and game in sleep mode, they will receive a PokéToy that was picked by that player. When the game is started back up, the player must face off against that Pokémon Toy to obtain a prize.


You are able to input Passwords for Pokemon in Easterly Town.

Some Password include:

Pikachu - Electric Boost - 7746-3878

Articuno - 2364-4610

Zapdos - 1675-4459

Moltres - 8714-7361

Lugia - 0442-4822

Groudon - 0681-1611

Garchomp - Superstar- 1959-4010

Gliscor - Effective - 9625-7845

Gallade - Chop-Chop - 3535-6928

Dialga - 3402-6485

Victini - 6699-8898

Snivy - Grass Boost - 0835-7338

Serperior - Grass Boost+ - 7111-4427

Tepig - Fire Boost - 2061-8332

Emboar - Fire Boost+ - 5662-7748

Oshawott - PokéTC - 7403-2240

Samurott - Water Boost+ - 2452-2129

Unfezant - Speedy - 4713-9936

Audino - Rally - 0176-1458

Zoroark - PokéTC - 2153-6742

Eelektross - Daring - 2159-4650

Stunfish - Tangling - 6482-3610

Tornadus - 0250-7321

Thundurus - 8819-8699

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