Pokémon Stadium

Pokémon Stadium
Pokemon Stadium
North American Box Art
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Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
JP: April 1999
NA: February 2000
AUS: March 2000
EU: April 2000

Pokémon Stadium was the first for the Nintendo 64 released in America that involved battling. It is a simple game where you choose the Pokémon you wish to use and fight with them. In this game, You got to fight the Gym Leaders in great 3d Graphics and even use all 151 Pokémon to your advantage. You could use a Transfer Pack to play your Pokémon Yellow, Blue, or Red on the N64 itself.


- 3D Pokémon Battles: Pokémon Stadium is the first Pokémon Game that allows trainers to battle their Pokémon in a three dimensional environment.

- Renting: When a cartridge is not inserted or a person does not have a Pokémon cartridge, a system of Pokémon renting is used so that these people are able to play the game.

- No Link Cable Trading: When two Gameboy packs are inserted into two N64 controllers, players may visit Professor Oak's Lab, and have the option to trade them with out the use of a Gameboy.

- Alternate Color of Pokémon: In Pokémon Stadium, programmers changed the colors Pokémon with nicknames. Also, one may find this as a bit of foreshadowing to the future of colored Pokémon.

- Minigames: Pokémon Stadium offers 9 new multi-player mini-games to take your mind off battling. If you ever get tired head over to the Kid's Club where the mini-games are located and challenge one of your friends!

- Gym Leader Castle: Take on the 8 Gym Leaders of Kanto as well as the Elite 4 and the Champion. Upon each defeat of the Elite 4 the player will be rewarded with a prize in the form of a Pokemon which can be transferred through the Transfer Pack to a Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow cartridge.

- Quick Battle: A quickly set up battle with a pre-selected team, can be done with one or two players.

- Free Battle: A feature that may be used by 1-4 players using the rules of a tournament cup or custom rules to have Pokémon battles. These battles can be done with rented Pokémon or pre-made teams on your Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow cartridge by the Transfer Pack.

- Hall of Fame: Like in the Game Boy game, the Hall of Fame records the Pokémon used in your triumphs in either the Gym Leader Castle or the highest round of the Tournament at the Stadium. An interesting feature of this is there are stands upon which there is a Pokémon Statue for each different Pokémon you have made either achievement with.

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