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Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is a referral in two things. First the real life cards which resemble Pokemon with abilities and attacks and second the Game Boy Color game that Nintendo produced. The latter is a game where, in difference with all other Pokemon games, you do not get to train your own Pokemon, but you battle others with the Pokemon trading cards. The main concept is pretty similar to that of a main Pokemon game (Red, Blue, Yellow version, etc) while it has Gym Leaders which use Pokemon of the same color, and a Pokemon TCG League which you have to beat in order to acquire the Legendary Pokemon Cards (Zapdos Articuno and Moltres). It is a little bit difficult in the start until you get the hang of it. Besides this, it is a little annoying since there are a lot missable key cards, so it is advised to save often while playing this game (optimal, after each match). When you loose a match you are not whited out, similar to other Pokemon games but you have to opportunity to try again. There are some matches though that are missable, for example the ones that give you the key cards mentioned above. When you lose these matches you do not get to try again, you just lose the chance to win them.

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