Pokémon Trozei!

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Pokémon Trozei!
Pokemon Trozei.jpg
Genius Sonority
The Pokémon Company
Nintendo DS
Release Dates
JP.png October 20, 2005
EU.png May 5, 2006
US.png March 6, 2006

Pokémon Trozei! is a Generation III Pokémon Puzzle Game for the Nintendo DS. In addition to having a Pokédex that has all 386 Pokémon, the challenge is to set as high of a score as possible, along with attempting to fill the Pokédex.


Game Modes


The adventure mode puts players in the shoes of Lucy Lightfoot, a girl with the skillset of a secret agent. Under the employ of the Secret Operation League, or SOL for short.

The objective of the adventure mode is to save Pokémon from the evil organization called the Phobos Army.


Like its name implies, Endless Mode is a marathon in which you play to beat your high score and to go on as much as possible. It's like a marathon that doesn't end.


This mode pits you against a friend via Wireless Link over two Nintendo DS systems.


In this mode, you and a friend attempt to beat the high score together using two Nintendo DS Systems over the Wireless Link.

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