Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y
Pokémon X box art.png Pokémon Y box art.png
Game Freak
Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
JP: October 12, 2013
NA: October 12, 2013
EU: October 12, 2013
AUS: October 12, 2013
Generation VI
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Pokémon X and Y are the first Pokémon games introduced into Generation VI. The games were announced through Nintendo Direct by Satoru Iwata on January 8, 2013.
Pokémon X and Y have featured entirely new gameplay, that differs to past Pokémon games, as both have a complete 3D game play experience.



The gameplay in Pokemon X and Y is slightly different from past games. Game Freak has added Sky Battles, and Horde Battles. This game also different points of view too. It is usually to show off the capabilities of the 3DS. Triple Battles, and Rotation Battles make a return from the 5th Generation also. Super Training is a new addition to the series. It makes calculating IVs, and EVs easier, to show off the true potential of your Pokemon. Pokemon Amie is a feature that allows you to "hang out" or play with your Pokemon. You can feed them, make faces, and play minigames. (Pokemon Amie and Super Training are both accessed through the bottom screen of the 3DS. Use the L/R buttons to switch between them)

The two biggest changes added to the series is the introduction of the Fairy-type, and Mega Evolutions. The fairy-type was added to balance the type chart a little more, according to Game Freak. Dragon, Dark, and FIghting are all weak against it. While Steel, and Poison are super effective against it.

Mega Evolutions are basically battle-only evolutions that make your Pokemon stronger for a limited time. Some Pokemon's mega evolution affects the original typing, stats, and ability. Check the list below about all of the Mega Pokemon.


The multiplayer aspect of Pokemon has always been large. Well, Game Freak to it a step further by adding Wonder Trade. It is a option in the PSS. (Player Search System) It allows you to pick one of your Pokemon and trade it to random person anywhere in the world. Battles have also been changed. Now, you can communicate with three other people in the world and have a 2-on-2 player match.

Pokemon Bank is a cloud-service Nintendo is offering to let players transfer their 5th Generation Pokemon and store them online. It is $5 a year and you can only access it though a Nintendo Network ID. A free trial is being given out for the first month after it's release. Using the bank allows to get an Event Celebi.


This game is about you, Serena/Calem, (depending on your gender) and three other friends as you journey through the Kalos region. While along the way you learn about Mega Evolution and stopping Team Flare's bad deeds!

New Pokémon

A total of 72 new Pokémon have been discovered in the Kalos region, bringing the total number of Pokémon up to 721.

# Name Type Abilities Hidden Ability
650 650 Mini Sprite.png Chespin Grass.gif Overgrow - Bulletproof
651 651 Mini Sprite.png Quilladin Grass.gif Overgrow - Bulletproof
652 652 Mini Sprite.png Chesnaught Grass.gifFighting.gif Overgrow - Bulletproof
653 653 Mini Sprite.png Fennekin Fire.gif Blaze - Magician
654 654 Mini Sprite.png Braixen Fire.gif Blaze - Magician
655 655 Mini Sprite.png Delphox Fire.gifPsychic.gif Blaze - Magician
656 656 Mini Sprite.png Froakie Water.gif Torrent - Protean
657 657 Mini Sprite.png Frogadier Water.gif Torrent - Protean
658 658 Mini Sprite.png Greninja Water.gifDark.gif Torrent - Protean
659 659 Mini Sprite.png Bunnelby Normal.gif Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power
660 660 Mini Sprite.png Diggersby Normal.gifGround.gif Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power
661 661 Mini Sprite.png Fletchling Normal.gifFlying.gif Big Pecks - Gale Wings
662 662 Mini Sprite.png Fletchinder Fire.gifFlying.gif Flame Body - Gale Wings
663 663 Mini Sprite.png Talonflame Fire.gifFlying.gif Flame Body - Gale Wings
664 664 Mini Sprite.png Scatterbug Bug.gif Shield Dust Compoundeyes Friend Guard
665 665 Mini Sprite.png Spewpa Bug.gif Shed Skin - Friend Guard
666 666 Mini Sprite.png Vivillon Bug.gifFlying.gif Shield Dust Compoundeyes Friend Guard
667 667 Mini Sprite.png Litleo Fire.gifNormal.gif Rivalry Unnerve Moxie
668 668 Mini Sprite.png Pyroar Fire.gifNormal.gif Rivalry Unnerve Moxie
669 669 Mini Sprite.png Flabébé Fairy.gif Flower Veil - Symbiosis
670 670 Mini Sprite.png Floette Fairy.gif Flower Veil - Symbiosis
671 671 Mini Sprite.png Florges Fairy.gif Flower Veil - Symbiosis
672 672 Mini Sprite.png Skiddo Grass.gif Sap Sipper - Grass Pelt
673 673 Mini Sprite.png Gogoat Grass.gif Sap Sipper - Grass Pelt
674 674 Mini Sprite.png Pancham Fighting.gif Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy
675 675 Mini Sprite.png Pangoro Fighting.gifDark.gif Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy
676 676 Mini Sprite.png Furfrou Normal.gif Fur Coat - -
677 677 Mini Sprite.png Espurr Psychic.gif Keen Eye Infiltrator Own Tempo
678 678 Mini Sprite.png Meowstic Psychic.gif Keen Eye Infiltrator Prankster*
679 679 Mini Sprite.png Honedge Steel.gifGhost.gif No Guard - -
680 680 Mini Sprite.png Doublade Steel.gifGhost.gif No Guard - -
681 681d Mini Sprite.png Aegislash Steel.gifGhost.gif Stance Change - -
682 682 Mini Sprite.png Spritzee Fairy.gif Healer - Aroma Veil
683 683 Mini Sprite.png Aromatisse Fairy.gif Healer - Aroma Veil
684 684 Mini Sprite.png Swirlix Fairy.gif Sweet Veil - Unburden
685 685 Mini Sprite.png Slurpuff Fairy.gif Sweet Veil - Unburden
686 686 Mini Sprite.png Inkay Dark.gifPsychic.gif Contrary Suction Cups Infiltrator
687 687 Mini Sprite.png Malamar Dark.gifPsychic.gif Contrary Suction Cups Infiltrator
688 688 Mini Sprite.png Binacle Rock.gifWater.gif Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket
689 689 Mini Sprite.png Barbaracle Rock.gifWater.gif Tough Claws Sniper Pickpocket
690 690 Mini Sprite.png Skrelp Poison.gifWater.gif Poison Point Poison Touch Adaptability
691 691 Mini Sprite.png Dragalge Poison.gifDragon.gif Poison Point Poison Touch Adaptability
692 692 Mini Sprite.png Clauncher Water.gif Mega Launcher - -
693 693 Mini Sprite.png Clawitzer Water.gif Mega Launcher - -
694 694 Mini Sprite.png Helioptile Electric.gifNormal.gif Dry Skin Sand Veil Solar Power
695 695 Mini Sprite.png Heliolisk Electric.gifNormal.gif Dry Skin Sand Veil Solar Power
696 696 Mini Sprite.png Tyrunt Rock.gifDragon.gif Strong Jaw - Sturdy
697 697 Mini Sprite.png Tyrantrum Rock.gifDragon.gif Strong Jaw - Rock Head
698 698 Mini Sprite.png Amaura Rock.gifIce.gif Refrigerate - Snow Warning
699 699 Mini Sprite.png Aurorus Rock.gifIce.gif Refrigerate - Snow Warning
700 700 Mini Sprite.png Sylveon Fairy.gif Cute Charm - Pixilate
701 701 Mini Sprite.png Hawlucha Fighting.gifFlying.gif Limber Unburden Mold Breaker
702 702 Mini Sprite.png Dedenne Electric.gifFairy.gif Cheek Pouch Pickup Plus
703 703 Mini Sprite.png Carbink Rock.gifFairy.gif Clear Body - Sturdy
704 704 Mini Sprite.png Goomy Dragon.gif Sap Sipper Hydration Gooey
705 705 Mini Sprite.png Sliggoo Dragon.gif Sap Sipper Hydration Gooey
706 706 Mini Sprite.png Goodra Dragon.gif Sap Sipper Hydration Gooey
707 707 Mini Sprite.png Klefki Steel.gifFairy.gif Prankster - Magician
708 708 Mini Sprite.png Phantump Ghost.gifGrass.gif Natural Cure Frisk Harvest
709 709 Mini Sprite.png Trevenant Ghost.gifGrass.gif Natural Cure Frisk Harvest
710 710 Mini Sprite.png Pumpkaboo Ghost.gifGrass.gif Pickup Frisk Insomnia
711 711 Mini Sprite.png Gourgeist Ghost.gifGrass.gif Pickup Frisk Insomnia
712 712 Mini Sprite.png Bergmite Ice.gif Own Tempo Ice Body Sturdy
713 713 Mini Sprite.png Avalugg Ice.gif Own Tempo Ice Body Sturdy
714 714 Mini Sprite.png Noibat Flying.gifDragon.gif Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy
715 715 Mini Sprite.png Noivern Flying.gifDragon.gif Frisk Infiltrator Telepathy
716 716 Mini Sprite.png Xerneas Fairy.gif Fairy Aura - -
717 717 Mini Sprite.png Yveltal Dark.gifFlying.gif Dark Aura - -
718 718 Mini Sprite.png Zygarde Dragon.gifGround.gif Aura Break - -
719 719 Mini Sprite.png Diancie Rock.gifFairy.gif Clear Body - -
720 720c Mini Sprite.png Hoopa Psychic.gifGhost.gif Magician - -
721 721 Mini Sprite.png Volcanion Fire.gifWater.gif Water Absorb - -

Mega Evolution

A new concept introduced to the games is Mega Evolution, which allows certain Pokémon to evolve past their final forms temporarily. This will cause these Pokémon to take on new appearances, sometimes changing their type, as well as allowing them to possess new abilities. Only one Pokémon can evolve during battle, and must be holding their respective Mega Stone. Not all Mega Stones can be collected through the main game however. After entering the Hall of Fame, you must talk to Professor Sycamore in Anistar City, and this will allow the player to find the remaining Mega Stones. These particular stones can only be found between the hours of 8 PM-9 PM.

# Name Type Ability
003 003m Mini Sprite.png Mega Venusaur Grass.gifPoison.gif Thick Fat
006 006mx Mini Sprite.png Mega Charizard X Fire.gifDragon.gif Tough Claws
006 006my Mini Sprite.png Mega Charizard Y Fire.gifFlying.gif Drought
009 009m Mini Sprite.png Mega Blastoise Water.gif Mega Launcher
065 065m Mini Sprite.png Mega Alakazam Psychic.gif Trace
094 094m Mini Sprite.png Mega Gengar Ghost.gifPoison.gif Shadow Tag
115 115m Mini Sprite.png Mega Kangaskhan Normal.gif Parental Bond
127 127m Mini Sprite.png Mega Pinsir Bug.gifFlying.gif Aerilate
130 130m Mini Sprite.png Mega Gyarados Water.gifDark.gif Mold Breaker
142 142m Mini Sprite.png Mega Aerodactyl Rock.gifFlying.gif Tough Claws
150 150x Mini Sprite.png Mega Mewtwo X Psychic.gifFighting.gif Steadfast
150 150y Mini Sprite.png Mega Mewtwo Y Psychic.gif Insomnia
181 181m Mini Sprite.png Mega Ampharos Electric.gifDragon.gif Mold Breaker
212 212m Mini Sprite.png Mega Scizor Bug.gifSteel.gif Technician
214 214m Mini Sprite.png Mega Heracross Bug.gifFighting.gif Skill Link
229 229m Mini Sprite.png Mega Houndoom Dark.gifFire.gif Solar Power
248 248m Mini Sprite.png Mega Tyranitar Rock.gifDark.gif Sand Stream
257 257m Mini Sprite.png Mega Blaziken Fire.gifFighting.gif Speed Boost
282 282m Mini Sprite.png Mega Gardevoir Psychic.gifFairy.gif Pixilate
303 303m Mini Sprite.png Mega Mawile Steel.gifFairy.gif Huge Power
306 306m Mini Sprite.png Mega Aggron Steel.gif Filter
308 308m Mini Sprite.png Mega Medicham Fighting.gifPsychic.gif Pure Power
310 310m Mini Sprite.png Mega Manectric Electric.gif Intimidate
354 354m Mini Sprite.png Mega Banette Ghost.gif Prankster
359 359m Mini Sprite.png Mega Absol Dark.gif Magic Bounce
445 445m Mini Sprite.png Mega Garchomp Dragon.gifGround.gif Sand Force
448 448m Mini Sprite.png Mega Lucario Fighting.gifSteel.gif Adaptability
460 460m Mini Sprite.png Mega Abomasnow Grass.gifIce.gif Snow Warning
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