Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition

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Pokémon Yellow Version
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Game Boy
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Release Date(s)
JP: September 12, 1998
NA: October 18, 1999
EU: June 16, 2000
AUS: September 3, 1999
PEGI: 12
Generation I
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In this game, you can only start off as a male trainer (who you get to name), and gain a Pikachu as your starting Pokémon while your rival, Gary, obtains an Eevee. After meeting your rival, you go off on an adventure to gain Gym Badges from the 8 Gym leaders and catching Pokémon at the same time. After Collecting all 8 Gym badges and fighting your rival many times, you finally end up at Victory Road, and you must traverse through its many tunnels to get through. You then fight the Elite Four in a row. You then have to fight your rival again for the title as Pokémon Champion! After all of this, you must finally go into the hidden cave of Cerulean City to fight and capture the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. You can then complete your Pokedex by trading with the other versions or battle against your friends.

About the game

Pokemon Yellow is a Special edition of Red & Blue games released to commemorate the first Pikachu Short Movie and made for the original GameBoy. It was released outside of Japan in 2000, alongside a Special Edition Pikachu GameBoy. The game itself is very similar to the Animé series of Pokemon. The main character is technically "Ash Ketchum,"(but you can name him anything you want) and you're forced to start off with a Pikachu, caught by Professor Oak, who refuses to stay in its Pokéball, instead following you around the map. The Pikachu has feelings, the more it wins the happier it is, when it loses battles it gets mad at you. This happiness scale is incorporated into specific in-game events; for example, you can only get Bulbasaur once your Pikachu loves you enough. This is the game where the happiness scale was introduced; it serves a bigger purpose in later games.


  • Trading: Use a Game Link Cable to trade Pokemon with your friends.
  • Starters: Collect all three starters without trading! All three can be obtained in the game.
  • Battling with friends: Use a Game Link Cable to battle with your friends.
  • Trading: You can also trade with Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
  • Surf Game: This mini- game is available when you obtain a "Surfing Pikachu" from Pokemon Stadium and trade it to Pokemon Yellow. It is located in the small house near the shore directly south of Fushia City.
  • A Non-evolving Pika Your Pikachu, as aforementioned, follows you around. But as you may know, Pikachus can normally be evolved by using the Thunderstone. Well, not this one. Sadly, Pikachu just refuses. Also, it wasn't in the programming to have Raichu follow you around. I'm sure that has something to do with it.


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