Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre
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Kyogre < Primal Kyogre > Groudon
Sea Basin Pokémon
32' 01"
948.0 lbs.
Gender Ratio
Male: Genderless
Female: Genderless
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Primal Kyogre is the new form of Kyogre revealed on the box art of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Kyogre retains its pure Water-typing on this form. Its form was officially named on June 7, 2014 during the July 2014 edition of CoroCoro leak. The English name was revealed during the Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event. According to the legend of Hoenn, it fought with Primal Groudon over more power.

This form is described as a "devolution." It has reclaimed its original power through Primal Reversion.

Competitive Battling

Primal Kyogre is a part of the Uber tier of competitive battling. Primal Kyogre is a formidable threat with a huge 180 base Special Attack and solid 160 base Special Defense which allows Primal Kyogre to pull off a Calm Mind set that has immense wallbreaking ability and can check numerous special attacking threats. A Calm Mind set with three attacks is Primal Kyogre's most effective set with the ability to threaten the majority of the tier with rain boosted Origin Pulses. A defensive set with heavy investment in physical defense makes Primal Kyogre a great mixed wall that can check a number of threats in the tier. Due to a high 150 base Attack, Primal Kyogre can pull off a physical attacking set with Thunder Wave to slow down supposed counters like Latias and Latios while having big surprise factor. However, the Ubers metagame is very hostile to Primal Kyogre, as some of the most prominent Pokémon tier, such as Primal Groudon, Latios, Latias, can shut down Primal Kyogre with ease. The presence of Primal Groudon is especially notable considering it is by far the most common Pokémon in the tier and can destroy Primal Kyogre with Precipice Blades. The shift to a more physical attacking metagame does not favor Primal Kyogre at all with its relatively lackluster physical bulk when uninvested.

Evolution Line

Primal Kyogre

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