Professor Cozmo

Professor Cozmo
Professor Cozmo
Professor Cozmo as seen in the Gen III series
Japanese Name
ソライシ博士 Dr. Soraishi
Voice Actors
Sean Schemmel (USA)
Tomohiro Nishimura (JAP)
Video Game Appearances
First Anime Episode

In the Games

Professor Cozmo is a Pokémon Professor who lives in his home in Fallarbor Town and conducts research on meteorites. He is one of the Professors in the Hoenn region. His Pokémon specialty is in studying space and meteors. In the games, he is abducted by Team Magma/Team Aqua who wish to steal the Meteorite from him to use its power to awaken the legendary Pokemon, Groudon/Kyogre. After rescuing him in Meteor Falls and defeating Team Magma/Team Aqua on Mt. Chimney, he returns to his home in Fallarbor Town.

In the Anime


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