Generation VII
When it has a lot of HP, the Pokémon forms a powerful school. It stops schooling when its HP is low.
How many Pokémon have this ability

Schooling is an Ability that was introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Wishiwashi.



In Battle

With the Schooling ability, Wishiwashi is able to transform into its School Form when certain conditions are met. This form makes it appear larger in size and is more powerful.


It is currently unknown if Schooling will have an effect in the overworld.

Pokémon With This Ability

Normal Ability

# Pokémon Type Abilities Hidden Ability Base Stats
HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd
746 746 Mini Sprite.png Wishiwashi Water.gif Schooling None 45 20 20 25 20 40
746 746s Mini Sprite.png Wishiwashi Water.gif Schooling None 45 140 130 140 135 30

Hidden Ability


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