Series 3: Diamond and Pearl Series

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The Diamond and Pearl Series is the third series of the Pokémon anime series. Following his completion of the Battle Frontier, Ash decides to begin his new journey in the Sinnoh region. As with past regions, Ash wants to earn eight Gym Badges in order to compete in the Sinnoh League. Brock returns alongside Ash along the way. They both eventually meet Dawn, who wants to compete in Pokemon Contests and become a Top Pokemon Coordinator, following her mother's(Johanna) footsteps. She decides to join along Ash and Brock and participate in Pokemon Contests and make it to the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Continuing the trend of the antagonists Team Rocket, this series also introduces a new one called Team Galactic, who Ash, Dawn, and Brock successfully stopped from using Dialga and Palkia from ruling the world.

Dawn managed to collect five Contest Ribbons and compete in the Grand Festival. She finished the competition as the runner up, losing to her rival Zoey in the final round. Ash competed in the Sinnoh League's Lily of the Valley Conference and managed to make it into the Top 4, losing to a trainer with a powerful Darkrai and Latios.

Near the end of the Diamond and Pearl Series, Dawn decides to remain in Sinnoh, Brock decides to work on becoming a Pokemon Doctor and head back to Pewter City, and Ash wants to continue pursuing his goal on becoming a Pokemon Master and head back to Pallet Town. The group arrived at the port and Dawn says her goodbyes to Ash and Brock, as the two are about to head on their boat that's bound for Kanto. When Ash and Brock reach Kanto, they reach a fork in the road once again, leading to Pallet Town and Pewter City. They say their goodbyes a final time, as they both know that they'll no longer be traveling together. Finally, Ash and Pikachu arrive into Pallet Town, concluding the DP series and leading into the Best Wishes Series.

The American dub of the Diamond and Pearl series is split into 4 seasons.

  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors



Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Season 10.png

469 Following a Maiden's Voyage!
470 Two Degrees of Seperation!
471 When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
472 Dawn of a New Era
473 Gettin' Twiggy With It!
474 Different Strokes for Different Blokes
475 Like It or Lup It
476 Gymbaliar
477 Setting the World on its Buneary
478 Not On My Watch Ya Don't!
479 Mounting a Coordinator Assault
480 Arrival of a Rival
481 A Staravia Is Born
482 Leave it to Brocko!
483 A Shape of Things To Come
484 A Gruff Act To Follow
485 Wild in the Streets
486 O'er the Rampardos We Watched!
487 Twice Smitten, Once Shy!
488 Mutiny in the Bounty!
489 Ya See We Want an Evolution!
490 Borrowing on Bad Faith!
491 Faced with Steelix Determination!
492 Cooking up a Great Story!
493 Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!
494 Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!
495 Setting a Not-So-Old Score!
496 Drifloon in the Wind
497 The Champ Twins!
498 Some Enchanted Sweetening!
499 The Grass Type Is Always Greener
500 An Angry Combeenation!
501 All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!
502 Buizel Your Way Out Of This!
503 An Elite Meet & Greet!
504 The Secret Sphere of Influence
505 A Grass Menagerie
506 One Big Happiny Family
507 Steamboat Willies
508 Top-Down Training!
509 A Stand-Up Sit-Down
510 The Electrike Company
511 Malice in Wonderland!
512 Mass Hip-Po-Sis
513 Ill-Will Hunting
514 A-Maze-ing Race
515 Sandshrew's Locker
516 Not Aired
517 Dawn's Early Night
518 Tag! We're It!
519 Glory Blaze
520 Smells Like Team Spirit

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension

Pokemon Season 11.png

521 Tears For Fears!
522 Once There Were Greenfields!
523 Throwing A Track Switch
524 The Keystone Pops
525 Bibarel Gnaws Best
526 Nosing 'Round The Mountain
527 Luxray Vision
528 Journey to the Unown!
529 Team Shocker!
530 Tanks For The Memories!
531 Hot Springing A Leak!
532 Riding the Winds of Change!
533 Sleight of Sand!
534 Lost Leader Strategy!
535 Crossing the Battle Line!
536 A Triple Fighting Chance!
537 Enter Galactic
538 Bells are Singing!
539 Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (1)
540 Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu (2)
541 Crossing Paths
542 Pika and Goliath
543 Our Cup Runneth Over!
544 A Full Course Tag Battle!
545 Staging A Heroes Welcome
546 Pruning a Passel of Pals!
547 Strategy With a Smile!
548 Thief That Keeps On Thieving
549 Chim-Charred!
550 Cream of the Croagunk Crop!
551 A Crasher Course in Power
552 Hungry For the Good Life!
553 Fighting Fear With Fear!
554 Arriving In Style!
555 The Psyduck Stops Here
556 Camping It Up
557 Up Close and Personable
558 Ghoul Daze
559 One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!
560 Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine
561 Playing the Leveling Field
562 Doc Brock
563 Battling the Generation Gap
564 Losing Its Lustrous
565 Double Team Turnover
566 If the Scarf Fits, Wear It
567 A Trainer and Child Reunion
568 Aiding the Enemy
569 Barry's Busting out All Over!
570 Shield with a Twist
571 Jumping Rocket Ship
572 Sleepless in Pre-Battle

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles

Pokemon Season 12.jpg

573 Get Your Rotom Running
574 A Breed Stampede
575 Ancient Family Matter
576 Dealing With Defensive Types
577 Leading A Stray
578 Steeling Peace of Mind!
579 Saving the World from Ruins
580 Cheers on Castaways Isle!
581 Hold the Phione!
582 Another One Gabites the Dust
583 Stealing the Conversation
584 The Drifting Snorunt
585 Noodles! Roamin' Off
586 Pursuing a Lofty Goal!
587 Trials and Adulations!
588 The Lonely Snover!
589 Stopped in the Name Of Love
590 Old Rivals, New Tricks
591 To Thine Own Pokemon Be True
592 Battling a Cute Drama!
593 Classroom Training!
594 Sliding Into Seventh
595 A Pyramiding Rage!
596 Pillars of Friendship
597 Frozen On The Tracks
598 Pedal To The Mettle
599 Evolving Strategies!
600 Uncrushing Defeat!
601 Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!
602 Beating the Bustle and Hustle!
603 Gateway To Ruin!
604 Three Sides to Every Story
605 Strategy Begins at Home!
606 A Faux Oak Finish
607 Historical Mystery Tour!
608 Challenging a Towering Figure!
609 Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!
610 An Egg Scramble!
611 Gone With The Windworks!
612 A Rivalry To Gible On!
613 Dressed for Jess Success!
614 Bagged Then Tagged!
615 Try For The Family Stone!
616 Sticking with Who You Know!
617 Unlocking The Red Chain of Events!
618 The Needs of the Three!
619 The Battle Finale of Legend!
620 The Treasure Is All Mine!
621 Mastering Current Events!
622 Double Time Battle Training!
623 A Meteoric Rise To Excellence!
624 Gotta Get A Gible!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors

Pokemon Season 13.png

625 Regaining the Home Advantage!
626 Short and to the Punch!
627 A Marathon Rivalry
628 Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!
629 Playing the Performance Encore!
630 Fighting Ire with Fire!
631 Piplup, Up and Away!
632 Flint Sparks the Fire!
633 The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!
634 Teaching the Student Teacher!
635 Pokemon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
636 Keeping in Top Forme!
637 An Elite Coverup!
638 Dawn of a Royal Day!
639 With the Easiest of Grace!
640 Deal with a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
641 Last Call-First Round!
642 Opposites Attract!
643 Coming Full-Festival Circle!
644 A Grand Fight for Winning!
645 For the Love of Meowth!
646 The Eight Wonder of the Sinnoh World!
647 Four Roads Diverged in a Pokemon Port!
648 Bucking the Treasure Trend!
649 An Old Family Blend!
650 League Unleashed
651 Casting a Paul on Barry!
652 Working on a Right Move!
653 Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
654 A Real Rival Rouser!
655 Battling a Thaw in Relations!
656 The Semi-Final Frontier!
657 The Brockster Is In!
658 Memories are Made of Bliss!


10 The Rise of Darkrai
11 Giratina and the Sky Warrior
12 Arceus and the Jewel of Life
13 Zoroark: Master of Illusions


  • Ash, once again, receives a new outfit for the Sinnoh region.
  • In Snowpoint City, Ash, Dawn, and Brock wear clothes based off of Pokemon Platinum.
  • Ash manages to reach the Top 4 in the Sinnoh League, the best he's performed in any Pokemon League.
  • This is the longest series that is based in one region.
  • This is the first full series that the current voice actors of TPCI has dubbed.
  • The Pokemon anime made the switch to HD during this series.

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