Series 5: XY Series

Pokemon XY Series

Following the events of the Best Wishes series, a new adventure for Ash and Pikachu begins, as they head to the Kalos region. As with previous regions, Ash leaves his Pokemon at Professor Oak's Lab and sets off to the new region, along with his Pikachu. He decides to register for the Kalos Pokemon League, as soon as he arrives. Ash is joined by Serena, a new Trainer who recognizes Ash from when they were little kids, Clemont, the Gym Leader of Lumiose City who was ejected, and Bonnie, the younger sister of Clemont.

This series introduces Mega Evolutions, which are still being discovered throughout the region.

XY Anime Group

The series debuted in Japan on October 17th. The US dub of the upcoming 17th season is titled Pokemon the Series: XY and has debuted worldwide on October 19th with two sneak peek episodes. The series resumed in the US on January 18, 2014.



Pokemon the Series: XY

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Pokemon the Series: XY Kalos Quest

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Pokemon the Series: XYZ

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  • This is the first series, in which the group consists of more than one main female character, Serena and Bonnie.
  • This is the first series, in which Ash does not capture a Grass starter.
  • With the English dub, the series will be the current voice actors ninth season that they have dub, which puts them ahead of original 4Kids voice actors, as they have dubbed only eight(first eight) seasons.
  • The first English dub opening of the XY series is a remixed version of the very first opening(Season 1).

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