Shed Shell

Shed Shell Sprite

The Shed Shell is a Hold Item introduced in Generation IV. The Shed Shell allows its holder to be substituted with another Pokémon, even if the opponent is using the Abilities Arena Trap, Magnet Pull or Shadow Tag, or if either of the following moves are in effect:

Move Type Power Accuracy Class
Bind Normal.gif 15 85 Physical.png
Block Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Clamp Water.gif 35 85 Physical.png
Fire Spin Fire.gif 35 85 Special.png
Magma Storm Fire.gif 120 75 Special.png
Mean Look Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
Spider Web Bug.gif -- -- Other.png
Whirlpool Water.gif 35 85 Special.png
Wrap Normal.gif 15 90 Physical.png


Item Locations


  • Route 228

Heart Gold/Soul Silver

  • National Park: Finish the Bug Catching Contest in 4th Place

Wild Pokémon

For each of the Wild Pokémon listed, a Shed Shell will be held by that Pokémon on 5% of the encounters.

Generation 4

Generation 5

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