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Move Pages

Could we try and make pages look like the Water Sport or Judgment page? It would be better than the plain pages we have atm. :) Benedict talk 16:47, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Talk Page

This page will be "refreshed" every month or so, or just whenever it gets too full. I'm saving each page, as a backup, but just carry on from here.


Standard for pokemon pages

Anyone have a suggestion as to what the standard for the Pokemon pages should be? This includes the look of the page, placement of information, and what content should be included.

I say it should look like the Entei page. Except the tables for the moves don't look so good in my opinion.



I recently added Anime Pages in the main page, what would you guys like to see in them? Character Summarys And Episode Guides are a must.


Pokemon Pages

At the moment, (Even though not complete) the Pokedex (National) page tells you what Pokemon Pages are done and what arn't. If its in blue, its been done, if the link is in red, it has not.


Example: (Done) Rayquaza (Not Done) 25324t326423

Well the pokedex page is now complete, would've been done earlier but i had no idea it existed until about 10 minutes ago. As i've said before my database can spit out stuff like this in a few seconds, so if there are any more incomplete pages of this nature around just let me know ^_^

PureStealth 10:02, 22 July 2008 (UTC)

I just did the exact same thing, came to the talk page for the link back to the Pokedex and you've already done it... ¬_¬

At least I know how to do all the excel stuff and everything now.


All Pokemon Pages on the Pokedex (National) are now finally done. That was a lot of hard work by everybody =). Now it's time to add the info to them.


Good job everyone that helped to do that ^__^ I think we still need to choose a format for all the Pokemon pages.


Here's a page that could be a good format for all the other Pokémon pages. What do you guys think? Click


I've uploaded a banner for temporary use or perment use if wanted I'd put it up but the page is locked. :)


A header contest will be coming up shortly, where you can enter your banner in. However, there's been some things that have come up with the staff in the past week or so, so it's a bit delayed.


Any news on this contest yet?


Expect it fairly soon, in the next few weeks at least.


We need some help here guys, with ideas for the layout of the top of the main page, and the size needed for the banner.


Pokemon Lists

Alright, I just want to point out that there are some conflicts in the order of the lists. Some pages have the Pokemon ordered in alphabetical order, such as the Substitute or Swift Swim pages. However, others have the names in National Dex order, such as Tackle. Which order is preferred, because having them differ as they currently do makes the site look unorganised? Ajnidehs

I can output either way so i don't really mind, most of the national ordered pages (such as the tackle page) were probably from me as that is the default output from my database. I'd say we should go with alphabetical simply because it is easy to sort a list into alphabetical whereas it is harder to sort a list into national if your list is not already sorted that way. But its up to you guys since either operation makes little difference in the time it takes to generate a list for me ^_^. PureStealth 06:35, 29 July 2008 (UTC)

I don't mind either way, but if I had to choose one way it'd be national dex order, maybe since I'm used to seeing Pokemon related things listed that way most places.


I think alphabetical would be better, since it makes it easier for someone to find what they are looking for.

Osthato link title

I like alphabetical better, its easier to find what you need to find, and it looks neater Tycrazy710


Level     Move     Power     Acc%     Type      Class    
1 Twister     40  100 Dragon  Special
5 Scary Face     --   90 Normal  Status
15 Ancientpower     60   100 Rock  Special
20 Dragon Claw     80   100 Dragon  Physical
30 Dragon Dance     --     -- Dragon  Status
35 Crunch     80   100 Dark  Physical
40 Fly     90    95 Dark  Physical
50 Rest     --    --% Psychic  Status
60 ExtremeSpeed     80    100% Normal  Physical
{| style="border: 1px solid #999; border-collapse: collapse;"
|- style="background: #4626FC;"
| align="left" | 1
| align="" | [[Twister]]
| align="" |     40
| align="" |  100
| align="" | [[Dragon]] 
| align="" | Special
| align="left" | 5
| align="" | [[Scary Face]]
| align="" |     --
| align="" |   90
| align="" | [[Normal]] 
| align="" | Status
| align="left" | 15
| align="" | [[Ancientpower]]
| align="" |     60
| align="" |   100
| align="" | [[Rock]] 
| align="" | Special
| align="left" | 20
| align="" | [[Dragon Claw]]
| align="" |     80
| align="" |   100
| align="" | [[Dragon]] 
| align="" | Physical
| align="left" | 30
| align="" | [[Dragon Dance]]
| align="" |     --
| align="" |     --
| align="" | [[Dragon]] 
| align="" | Status
| align="left" | 35
| align="" | [[Crunch]]
| align="" |     80
| align="" |   100
| align="" | [[Dark]] 
| align="" | Physical
| align="left" | 40
| align="" | [[Fly]]
| align="" |     90
| align="" |    95
| align="" | [[Dark]] 
| align="" | Physical
| align="left" | 50
| align="" | [[Rest]]
| align="" |     --
| align="" |    --%
| align="" | [[Psychic]] 
| align="" | Status
| align="left" | 60
| align="" | [[ExtremeSpeed]]
| align="" |     80
| align="" |    100%
| align="" | [[Normal]] 
| align="" | Physical

Can someone make this into a template? Then we could use it for the Moves, etc.

How's this? --Prometheusx303 21:31, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Move Type Power Accuracy Class
1 [[File:|link=]] 40 100 [[File:|link=]]
5 [[File:|link=]] -- 90 [[File:|link=]]
15 [[File:|link=]] 60 100 [[File:|link=]]
20 [[File:|link=]] 80 100 [[File:|link=]]
30 [[File:|link=]] -- -- [[File:|link=]]
| 1 \\ [[Twister]] \\ 40 \\ 100 \\ [[Dragon]] \\ Special
| 5 \\ [[Scary Face]] \\ -- \\ 90 \\ [[Normal]] \\ Status
| 15 \\ [[Ancientpower]] \\ 60 \\ 100 \\ [[Rock]] \\ Special
| 20 \\ [[Dragon Claw]] \\ 80 \\ 100 \\ [[Dragon]] \\ Physical
| 30 \\ [[Dragon Dance]] \\ -- \\ -- \\ [[Dragon]] \\ Status

Wow! The Only thing it the surrounding border is not there - but around the Moves insted. The color was off, but I fixed that.


Fixed everything -Benedict


Um, hi.

I remember working on a certain Wiki page, having completed the 25-item chart with pictures, descriptions, and locations, and an introduction to the page, but when I look at the page it says that nobody other than one person (not me) edited it.

So I'm just wondering, why is that? Poketch -Silver Raikou

Proberly Hugo's I-want-all-the-credit. And I hate it. Benedict

I honestly could care less about credit Benedict. What do I get out of it anyways? The only reason why I changed it is because Pokétch is spelled with an é not a e. I know it's a small little thing but if you're going to make a page it should at least be spelled the right way. Silver Raikou I'm sorry that it seems like I just took over all your work and all, but that wasn't the case. I don't even really see why this is becoming such a big deal anyway, as the main point of these wiki's is to get people to start looking here for information, not to see who edited what or who wrote this. hugo07

Does it really matter? If people look at the history they can see who really did the work anyway.


Unprotect Main Page

I have a few pages I would like to add to to the main page and it's getting frustrating that everytime I want to add a page I have to ask a staff member. Could you please Unprotect the main page?


Unfortunatly this probably wont happen, not everyone can be trusted with editing the main page. Feel free to drop me a pm when you want something added though, I'll usually get it done pretty quickly.


Pokemon Infobox Template

Hi, is there a template for the infobox that goes on each pokemon page? There's quite a few pokemon pages that haven't got the infobox on them. I would like to help out with this.

Also you guys really need to talk to Deathsythe about getting his bot to start categorizing pages.Nyff 14:36, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, been busy with exams and stuff for a few weeks didn't notice something new on this page. Check out the Treecko page for the info box, and I'll talk to DS some time.



I think you should consider doing more redirects. For example I found that you hadn't set up a redirect for Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver. I just made pages so that when you click Heart Gold and Soul Silver, they go to their respective pages. This saves the little trouble of typing in the extra Pokemon in there when not really needed (all pokemon games have that in front of their names right?), so you (bar My Pokemon Ranch but that doesn't count) should really set up redirects.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of redirecting, simply type this into the page you want to set up a redirect for;


And it's as simple as that. It's a very useful function, and one you should definitely consider using.

Cheers. ~Relmutsie AN, 20/6/09, 10:57 GMT

P.S. Remember to use the accent on the e, which I cocked up. XD


Yeah, I have done a whole load of redirects actually, there are still plenty more though obviously. ;)