Team Skull

Team Skull
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Team Skull is a villainous team operating in the Alola region, appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon. They cause trouble by stealing other people's Pokémon as well as messing with sites in relation to the Island Challenge Trials, however their main goal is currently unknown.


Notable Members


Main Article: Guzma

Guzma is the boss of Team Skull. He is a strong leader who battles without mercy, and seems to have some sort of connection with Professor Kukui. Despite his strengths in battling, he was rejected as a Trial Captain in the past, leaving nothing but bitterness towards the Island Challenge Trials.


Main Article: Plumeria

Being Team Skull's Admin, Plumeria is regarded as a "big sister" to the grunts of the group. She is strict and keeps her underlings in line, but cares for them dearly and resents anyone who messes with them.

In the Games

Team Skull appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon, constantly getting in the player's path with their troubling antics.

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