There's a New Gym Leader in Town!

There's a New Gym Leader in Town! is the 111th episode of the Best Wishes series, and is a continuation of the N arc.



Ash and his friends finally arrive in Aspertia City, where they decide to head immediately to the Aspertia Gym. Cilan opens his map to locate the gym, only to realize that the gym is no where to be seen on the map. Ash asks a couple of nearby people for directions before making their way to the gym's location.

The group arrives at the location, although they are unsure if it's the right place, due to the building looking more like a local school rather than a gym. Moments later, a teacher approaches and confirms that the group is at the Aspertia Gym. He invites the group inside for a tour of the building. Ash wonders why the building is populated with students, where the teacher replies that it functions as both a school and a gym. The school is dedicated to aspiring Pokemon Trainers and by the time the students graduate, they will become full fledged trainers. Even when the students finished school, the teacher mentions that he wants to make sure they're prepared, so the school holds a Gym Battle for the new trainers.

Gym Leader Cheren

Suddenly the group notices another guy up ahead, where the teacher mentions to Ash that he's the Gym Leader known as Cheren. He walks up to Ash and his friends and everyone introduces themselves. Cheren mentions that he's a teacher and just became a Gym Leader of Aspertia City, to everyone's surprise. Ash, filled with excitement, requests Cheren for a Gym Battle. Although Cheren was willing to accept, he had no choice but to decline due to the gym arena still being under construction, which disappoints Ash. Cilan remarks that the gym arena not being finished is probably the reason why the location wasn't appearing on his map.

The teacher suggests to Cheren that since Ash and company traveled so far, he should have an exhibition match, in which it won't be required to battle in a finished arena. Cheren seems unsure of the suggestion, but the teacher mentions that the status of the current arena is good enough to have an exhibition match. He also mentions that it would be great for the students to observe the match. Ash and Cheren agrees, although the latter still hesitates. The match would be held after class, so in the mean time, Ash and his friends continue their tour.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan each noticed Cheren's awkward behavior, where the teacher remarks how Cheren is extremely dedicated and tends to over think when he's committed to a task. Cilan tells everyone that he can relate to Cheren, mentioning how he's constantly enduring the pressure of being a Gym Leader. The teacher confirms that Cilan is correct and worries that Cheren is currently losing his confidence.

Cheren takes the group to the library, explaining to them that they can obtain info of Pokemon from other regions, in addition to Unova. Ash and Cilan appear very excited, but Iris appears uninterested. Iris does become excited when Cheren mentions that the students participate in outdoor projects in which they learn about wild Pokemon, and will someday catch their own.

Meanwhile, Axew wonders off into a nearby room, while Pikachu tries to stop him. Axew starts to mess with the equipment by pressing random buttons and switches. Suddenly Pikachu yells for Axew to stop, not knowing that the mic next to them was on, causing the entire building to hear Pikachu's very loud cry. Ash and Iris find and tell their Pokemon to apologize to Cheren, who quickly forgives, but warns them not to do it again.

Suddenly, someone yells nearby and everyone sees a huge group on Minccino running out of the school. Cheren worries about them and wonders if the other Pokemon in a nearby house has escaped, which turns out to be the case once he arrived at the location. Ash suggests that everyone split up and search for the Pokemon, where everyone agrees. Ash, Iris, and Cilan each struggled, but eventually managed to round up all of the Sunfloras, Minccinos, and Duckletts respectively. Cheren does a count to make sure everyone's back, but it turns out that Shinx is the only Pokemon missing.

Everyone heads back to the main building, where they see Shinx in a room, along with two students who are trying to befriend it. Cheren mentions that Shinx hasn't been able to settle in just yet, so he fears it may attack the students. Moments later, Shinx, who appears very terrified, unleashes a Thunderbolt, so Ash commands Pikachu to counter with his Thunderbolt, while Cheren moves the two students to safety. Cheren then approaches Shinx and assured him that everything would be fine, but Shinx shocks Cheren with its electricity. Despite being a pain from the electricity, Cheren kept a hold of Shinx until it eventually calmed down.

After the Shinx calmed down, Cheren mentions to the two students that they aren't Pokemon Trainers and asks them why they attempted to capture it, knowing it would be dangerous. The students admit that they were the ones responsible for releasing the Pokemon from the nearby house.

A flashback shows the students in the house, with the door open. Then suddenly, Pikachu's loud voice was heard on the speakers, which caused the Pokemon to lose control and run outside of the house.

Back to the main building, the two students apologize to Cheren for letting all of the Pokemon out. Ash and Iris wonder what cause all of the Pokemon to run of the building, where they realize moments later that Pikachu and Axew were responsible, causing them to bow their heads in embarrassment. Cheren remarks that everything is fine and promises the students that he will do whatever it takes to help them become successful Pokemon Trainers. The students burst into tears of happiness and thank Cheren.

Ash Vs. Cheren

Afterwards, Ash and Cheren head outside to the battlefield in preparation for their exhibition match. Also outside, are the students who will be observing the match. The referee introduces Ash and Cheren and mentions that it will be a 1 vs 1 match. Cheren calls out Herdier and while Ash was set on calling out his Pokemon, Oshawott suddenly comes out of his Pokeball, to Ash's surprise. He asks Oshawott if he wants to battle, which the water type confirms, so Ash chooses him. Ash starts out the match by commanding Oshawott to use Hydro Pump, but Herdier easily dodges. Ash tells him to follow up with Tackle, while Cheren commands Herdier to use Take Down. Both Pokemon's attack clashes, but Oshawott ends up taking damage, although he quickly managed to get back on his feet. Cheren orders Herdier to use Thunder Fang, but Oshawott quickly counters with Razor Shell.

Herdier Vs. Oshawott

Cheren remarks on Oshawott's performance in this battle and mentions that he expects nothing less from a Trainer who has reached the quarterfinals in the Unova League, and Ash thanks him. Cheren continues the match by commanding Herdier to use Thunder Fang once more. Oshawott is prepared to counter with a Razor Shell again, but Herdier jumps behind the water type Pokemon and kicks his Scalchop out of his hand. Oshawott runs up and manages to grab his Scalchop, but when he shifts his focus back to the match, Oshawott fails to notice Herdier's Thunder Fang in time and takes a direct hit. Oshawott is knocked out, unable to battle, giving Cheren and Herdier the victory.

Ash checks to make sure Oshawott is fine before sending him back inside his Pokeball. Ash tells Cheren that he enjoyed his match, but Cheren wonders if he's doing the correct thing and whether he deserved the victory. The students run to Cheren appearing extremely excited, some expressing their determination to defeat Cheren once they become full fledged trainers. Ash and his friends reassure Cheren that he's doing an amazing job as a Gym Leader. The positive feedback helped Cheren regained his confidence and he makes a promise to keep things that way, as well as become the best Gym Leader he can possibly be.

The episode ends with Ash and his friends saying goodbye and leaving the school, as they continue their journey to the White Ruins.

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