User:Relmutsie AN

What we must do to get this wiki off the ground

In order of importance;

a) Put all combined egos aside
b) Forget about becoming staff
c) Forget about the staff tag in general
d) Organise ourselves
e) Admit that Origin did not do anything
f) The attempted staff revival NEVER happened
g) Do not intefere in areas that are not your responsibility
h) Do not outgrow your shoes (refer to point a)
i) Use *bleep*ing categories
j) Use *bleep*ing auto
k) Categorise everything (refer to point i and j)
l) The traditional way worked. Live with it
n) whores
o) ???
q) boredom
r) snore
s) yawn
t) be awesome
u) always sleep before 1.00am

i am only exempt from point u)