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Life Pokémon
9'10" (3m)
474 lbs (215kg)
Gender Ratio
Male: Genderless
Female: Genderless
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Xerneas (ゼルネアス) is the 148th Pokémon in the Kalos Mountain Pokédex. It is a Fairy-Type, and is known as the Life Pokémon.

Xerneas uses the Fairy Aura Ability, which will power up Fairy-Type moves of all Pokémon that are in battle by one-third.

Xerneas doesn't evolve and doesn't have a pre-evolved form.

Xerneas is in the Undiscovered Egg Group; like most Legendary Pokémon Xerneas cannot breed. It takes Xerneas 1,250,000 Experience Points to reach Level 100.




Xerneas takes on the appearance of an eight-horned deer that's very large by comparison to most deer. Its upper body is blue, and outside of battle the horns are cyan in appearance. In battle, these horns take on the colors of the rainbow.

Xerneas main body is black with cyan markings on its legs and hooves.

Gender Differences

Xerneas is a Genderless Pokémon species.

Game Information

Original Games

Xerneas can be found at the bottom of Team Flare's Lab in Pokémon X.

Spin-Off Games

Xerneas has yet to appear in a Spin-Off Game as of writing.

Trading Card Game

Xerneas is listed three times as a Rare Card or higher in the XY Set, two of which are EX Cards.

Anime/Manga Information


Xerneas has yet to appear in the Anime as of writing.


Xerneas is set to appear in the upcoming film The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie.


Xerneas has yet to appear in the Manga as of writing.

Pokémon Information

Competitive Battling

Xerneas resides in the Uber tier of competitive battling as one of the most threatening offensive presences the tier has ever seen. With great versatility, Xerneas is fully capable of pulling off many different sets. Its Geomancy sweeper set is among the most metagame defining sets with teams forced to prepare heavily for it to prevent being swept. Thanks to an above average HP stat and a good defensive typing, Xerneas has ample opportunities to set up and wreak havoc. Fairy Aura is a great ability that gives Xerneas essentially a Life Orb boost with its Fairy attacks like Moonblast, which is helpful considering that Xerneas has to use a Power Herb to set up with Geomancy. Xerneas's coverage moves allow for it to circumvent certain threats in the tier even though many of them are with shaky accuracy, such as Focus Blast and Thunder without rain. Other notable Xerneas sets are its Choice Scarf set that hits hard with its boosted Moonblasts and gives Xerneas revenge killing ability. An all-out attacker set with a Life Orb or Expert Belt works phenomenally as a top notch wallbreaker that puts heavy pressure on opposing defensive teams without Geomancy and gives Xerneas more room for coverage. With Choice Specs, Xerneas can be a frightening wallbreaker that can heavily damage usual switch-ins like Klefki and Primal Groudon without having the inflexibility of the Geomancy set which only gets one opportunity to to heavy damage. Xerneas can also run a physically defensive set that acts as a good check to huge threats like Mega Salamence while having utility with moves like Aromatherapy or Roar. However, Xerneas is not flawless, as it can be worn down with entry hazards and status ailments. Xerneas is very heavily prepared for, which can be problematic when trying to sweep, especially considering nuisances like Klefki and Primal Groudon can very easily halt its sweep with Thunder Wave. It also lacks reliable recovery for defensive sets, which can be highly problematic due to having to having to rely on the Rest + Sleep Talk combo. Some sets are highly susceptible to Mega Gengar, which can trap Xerneas and effectively remove it with Sludge Wave. Despite all these flaws, they are overshadowed by Xerneas's overwhelming positive traits that make it a top-tier threat.

Area Locations

Game Rarity Location
Pokémon X Only One Team Flare's Lab
Pokémon Y None Trade

Pokédex Entries

Gen Game Pokédex Entry
VI X Legends say that it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival.
Y When the horns on its head shine in seven different colors, it is said to be sharing everlasting life.
Omega Ruby Legends say it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival.
Alpha Sapphire When the horns on its head shine in seven colors, it is said to be sharing everlasting life.


Base Stats Min- Min Max Max+
. 362 456 .
240 267 361 397
175 195 289 317
Sp. Atk
240 267 361 397
Sp. Def
180 201 295 324
182 203 297 326


Via Level-Up

Level Up
Level Move Type Power Accuracy Class
Start Heal Pulse Psychic.gif N/A N/A Other.png
Start Aromatherapy Grass.gif N/A N/A Other.png
Start Ingrain Grass.gif N/A N/A Other.png
Start Take Down Normal.gif 90 85 Physical.png
5 Light Screen Normal.gif N/A N/A Other.png
10 Aurora Beam Ice.gif 65 100 Special.png
18 Gravity Psychic.gif N/A N/A Other.png
26 Geomancy Fairy.gif N/A N/A Other.png
35 Moonblast Fairy.gif 95 100 Special.png
44 Megahorn Bug.gif 120 85 Physical.png
51 Night Slash Dark.gif 70 100 Physical.png
55 Horn Leech Grass.gif 75 100 Physical.png
59 Psych Up Normal.gif N/A N/A Other.png
63 Misty Terrain Fairy.gif N/A N/A Other.png
72 Nature Power Normal.gif N/A N/A Other.png
80 Close Combat Fighting.gif 120 100 Physical.png
88 Giga Impact Normal.gif 150 90 Physical.png
93 Outrage Dragon.gif 120 100 Physical.png


TM/HM - Gen 6
TM/HM No. Move Type Power Accuracy Class
TM03 Psyshock Psychic.gif 80 100 Special.png
TM04 Calm Mind Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM05 Roar Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM06 Toxic Poison.gif -- 90 Other.png
TM07 Hail Ice.gif -- -- Other.png
TM10 Hidden Power Normal.gif 60 100 Special.png
TM11 Sunny Day Fire.gif -- -- Other.png
TM15 Hyper Beam Normal.gif 150 90 Special.png
TM16 Light Screen Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM17 Protect Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM18 Rain Dance Water.gif -- -- Other.png
TM21 Frustration Normal.gif  ?? 100 Physical.png
TM24 Thunderbolt Electric.gif 90 100 Special.png
TM25 Thunder Electric.gif 110 70 Special.png
TM27 Return Normal.gif  ?? 100 Physical.png
TM29 Psychic Psychic.gif 90 100 Special.png
TM32 Double Team Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM33 Reflect Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM42 Facade Normal.gif 70 100 Physical.png
TM44 Rest Psychic.gif -- -- Other.png
TM48 Round Normal.gif 60 100 Special.png
TM49 Echoed Voice Normal.gif 40 100 Special.png
TM52 Focus Blast Fighting.gif 120 70 Special.png
TM68 Giga Impact Normal.gif 150 90 Physical.png
TM70 Flash Normal.gif -- 100 Other.png
TM73 Thunder Wave Electric.gif -- 100 Other.png
TM77 Psych Up Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM80 Rock Slide Rock.gif 75 90 Physical.png
TM86 Grass Knot Grass.gif  ?? 100 Special.png
TM87 Swagger Normal.gif -- 90 Other.png
TM88 Sleep Talk Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM90 Substitute Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM91 Flash Cannon Steel.gif 80 100 Special.png
TM96 Nature Power Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
TM99 Dazzling Gleam Fairy.gif 80 100 Special.png
TM100 Confide Normal.gif -- -- Other.png
HM01 Cut Normal.gif 50 95 Physical.png

Via Breeding

Xerneas cannot learn any moves by way of Breeding.

Evolution Line


Type Matchups

Type Attack Advantages Attack Disadvantages Defense Advantages Defense Disadvantages

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